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  1. I live in a remote are in the mountains. My wife and I shoot together alot and have been talking about setting up a small range area on our propert for our own personal use. We first considered building some wood frames to staple paper targets on to.
    I noticed a few rotating steel targets for sale on eBay. Does anyone have experience with These types ? Anything you'd recommend or stay away from ?
    Thanks for all your opinions in advance.
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    I went to a range in the mountains of PA back in the early 90's they had big metal gongs set out at specific distances. They rented out full auto guns. It was alot of fun shooting those guns and hearing them ring. Also check out Hickock45's range.

  3. Danzig

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    Here you go;

  4. Action Targets.

    Their website also has a ton of great data. Even slow motion videos to show how bullets react when using steel targets.
  5. Very cool. Thanks.
    I've checked out Hickok and action.
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  7. is running a contest with action targets
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    I've shot a few steel matches with this guy. He is a great guy and really knows his stuff when it comes to steel targets. The last test shoot he had guys were shooting his steel targets with 500S&W.
  9. holy cow his prices are nuts!!! I'm going to order some human upper half ones
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    Love shooting steel targets. Too bad I don't live on a property with "land" anymore. Condo living does have disadvantages.....

    BTW, if you shoot a Mosin at steel targets, make sure it's not the old surplus steel core ammo........ :eek:

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    I did this and shot a 1" plate at 100yrds... it was unbelievable
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    What did you shoot it with?
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    A mosin. So the 7.62x54
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    50 Alaskan is even better with surplus pulled 50 BMG projectiles! :D Even at 1,100fps, 650gr API still do some damage.
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    Steel targets are great. Never any doubt about whether or not you hit it. Love that gong.