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  1. I would like to find out if there's a statistic on how many felons are arrested for open carry. Cause I'm sure its a small next to non existent number.

    Not that I think everyone should open carry, but logically the fear of seeing someone open carry doesn't make sense because I highly doubt a criminal would just openly display drawing attention to them self.

    I myself probably wouldn't open carry. But I do feel like it should be a legal option, with a permit. That way any LEO who sees someone open carry shouldnt react in a improper manner an verify a proper permit. And I would have no argument showing my permit to a LEO who is curious. As the same with I have no problem if an LEO is curious about seeing a green card of an immigrant. If you're legally abiding, you have nothing to be scared about.

    Just my thoughts.
  2. Ya know, I have no problem with people invoking their right to privacy and open carrying legally, but I'm a little fed up with the people on youtube who open carry and video it strictly to cause a scene, especially when all the LEOs want to do is run your id and let you be on your way....

  3. Also, I would NEVER OC simply because if you are in a situation where a robbery or something is in place, you would be the first target b/c they KNOW you can fight back, but if you CC, no one will know unless you print or draw, and I know that there are multiple threads on CC v OC, but just wanted to put my 2 cents in here lol

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    Second amendment is my permit... You are right though... Felons/criminals do not open carry, and so people should not be scared when they see people who do.

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    Same... Makes me sick...
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    I couldn't agree more!! I hate watching those videos. Most of them intentionally get the cop to notice the open carry just to throw a fit on camera. There is one video where a guy interrupts a traffic stop and then blames the cop for harassing him about open carry. It is guys like him that give open carry a bad name.
  7. I've seen that one before, the one where it was his girlfriend or whatever? And we do have something we call these people....

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    That's the one. Guy comes out of nowhere and claims he was checking on his girlfriend. I'm sure the cop believed that one.
  10. people who open carry looking for a LEO just to prove the point that they can, are obnoxious. just co-operate, its not that hard. If you're legal, the cop will let you go, just shake his hand and say thank you sir, and you'll establish a good relationship with them.
  11. ^Bingo, +1 to that my good man
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    Exactly! I don't know when it became a game to mess with the cops. I for one want the cops on my side, not against me. I am not going to make one angry trying to prove a stupid point.
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    Did California ban open carry recently?
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    Careful with that off topic stuff man...the MAN is watching ;-)
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    Sheesh! My post even confused me...disregard my previous...chalk it up to late night!!
  16. lol no problem man, late nights do it to everyone hahah
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    I agree, I think it is like seeing a snake...automatic reaction for a lot of people.:confused:

    As for the youtube TROLLS, it just shows you hOw a little knowledge over rides common sense, like picking a fight with a cop is going to change things for the better. :confused::confused::confused:

    To help the situation, a little respect will go a long way. Show gun rights in a positive way with out being a jack ASS.
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    Agree it woudl be interesting to see. I've never even heard a statistic like that mentioned. I would say most criminals don't want to draw attention to themselves.

    That being said...

    Unless it's professional bank robber/hostage taker, etc, your average criminal is going to be deterred by the sight of your OC firearm. Thieves don't want a confrontation, they want what they want. Confrontation increases the risk of getting caught. They also want easy targets. Why target the person with a weapon, which only delays their ultimate gratification?

    It's the same reasoning as to why a defensive weapon shouldn't be black. In a low light situation, the black blends into the shadow and you can't tell if the person has a gun. The glint of light of a barrel/slide is enough to give criminals a few moments pause. Criminals want what they want, not a confrontation (case in point, the recent post by the GF member who had to draw in florida). But this is definitely part of the OC or not OC thread. I digress...

  19. It is an interesting question, asking on statistics of number of criminals who open carry. Usually they aren't open carrying, rather brandishing.

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    At the range, we get gangbangers all the time, they are usually the most polite people to deal with. Not the smartest or most skilled, but they will avoid confrontation at all costs... If we tell them more than twice to follow the rules... Such as keeping the muzzle down range or simply friendly reminders about the rules.... They leave.
    As a note, I refuse to give these people any type of training or tips.