Starbucks in support of the 2nd ammendment.

Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by mikecu, Feb 14, 2012.

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    My girlfriend is a store manager for Starbucks. She is really worried about today because our local gang of liberals can be really rude and obnoxious and she is afraid they will drive off business.

    Me and a few of my friends plan on showing today to support Starbucks . My question is should we open carry? It's legal in Tennessee but would it give the libs more ammo to cry over?

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    LOL, A gang of liberals.
    Here in Florida, we can only conceal ours. I would probably OC in this situation.
  4. I did support my local Starbucks today, but I did not dare say anything about gun rights since I do not have any. Here in Illinois or more specifically the suburbs of Chicago I would of caused a lot of trouble. I would of either been hassled or acosted for my belief in the second amendment, or worst case scenario have the cops called on me because people would of thought I was illegal carrying a gun.

    Maybe if I was visiting family in Athens, Greece I could send some international love, but sadly the protesters burned down the local Starbucks...
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    Dude that sucks on so many levels . I didn't know Illinois was a strict state

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    I would open carry if you have the right to. If you can get enough people to support you it wont matter what the libs say.
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    There are many pros and cons in the open carry debate...

    but let's please keep the tone of our discussions civil !!...

    as we want to be a forum where things are friendly. Thanks
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    Supporting our local Starbucks and 2nd Amendment today... :cool:

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    That's a great pic.
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    Did you open carry? I mostly try to avoid OC though due to obvious benefits of CC. But I'd like to know how did it turn out? We're you guys hassled by local LEO?
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    I went yesterday and paid with $2 bills.
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    As did I. They looked confused at the $2 bills lol.
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    What is the significance of paying with $2 bills?