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    thank you star bucks for your support of our rights.[​IMG]
    I am writing you today to express mysupport for Starbucks in regards to the stance you have taken against anti-gunactivists. It is rare in this day and age to see a company stand up for the constitutional rights of their customers so publicly on such a controversial subject .Our rights as Americans need to be exercised and expressed or we stand too loose them, and that is clearly understood by Starbucks. Before this even appeared in the news I was not a customer of Starbucks, admittedly I felt the coffee to be over priced. When I found out, however, that Starbucks supports the rights of their customers to bear arms I felt obligated to support acompany that supports me. I now shop at Starbucks proudly, and take pride in knowing that I support a company that fights for my right to bear arms .Your customers appreciate everything you are doing for them, and we want to makesure that you know it. Keep fighting the good fight, and we will be here to provide you with the reasons to fight, and the financial foundation to do so.
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    Amen to that. I felt the same way as you. I did not shop there, but I will now.

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    It's always good to hear of a local place supporting our right to bear arms. Their tea is quite good as well.
  4. Always good to see the support of a company for law abiding citizens and their Constitutional rights.

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    Wow that is good to know.
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    Well, I open carried in and supported my local Starbucks today. First open carry I've done into a store, was interesting with the looks from the customers, employees didn't even second glance. In fact the guy the made my drink was a big gun guy himself lol.
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    Open carried at Starbucks.
    Tempe, Az
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    You guys rock!
  9. iGlock

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    Goin through drive through on way home from work...
  10. Not trying to be a troll, but Starbucks chose to not discriminate against law abiding citizens because some anti-gun folks wanted them to.

    It's identical to not discriminating against gays because religious groups wanted them to.

    That's different than outright supporting open carry.

    It's not far, but it is a important clarification. If Starbucks joined the NRA and publicly supported open carry, then it would be a big deal.
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    went there this morning...

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    I stopped on my way to work.
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    Going to Starbucks in just a few! They may not be for guns but at least they are not against them. They are making a statement saying we respect the people's rights and the very sad thing is that people have to SAY they are not against because of all the people that are. This world is all caddywompas!! We are losing our rights and if we the people don't stand up for us then nobody will. :(
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    I'd just be careful making it too obvious that you have one, like sitting it on a table while sipping the refreshment.. I could see too much of a showing may make them reconsider if it scares off the others..
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    Read what Ted Nugent thinks about OC. Think about was he says before u decide to OC.
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    Don't be a kill-joy. It is better than them caving in to the anti-gun folks.
  17. Your right, they didn't wuss out, but I don't see it as significant enough to go out of my way to make a statement. Have the baristas wear a sidearm like gun store clerks do, and I'll buy a cup on my way to work twice a week (can't afford everyday)