Stainless steel GRA

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  1. I wanting to install a S/S GRA and just wanted some info on the best and cheapest place to get one. Thanks in advance!
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  3. Stainless steel guide rod assembly.
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    I've seen this question before on here and I don't really know the pros and cons to a stainless steel or tungsten guide rod assembly. I've got the stock one in my Glock and it works just fine. Im sure someone will come along shortly and educate us I guess.
  5. lyodbraun

    lyodbraun أنا لست ارهابيا I have one in my G30SF and it works great. not to sure if it makes much difference in tighter groups but it does help in the recoil dept... also have one in the wifes G19,
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    Thanks man...;)
  7. No problem!
  8. I've ordered a couple things from them before, but they're kinda pricey, especially on their shipping! Thanks for the info! I found 1 on Amazon for $35 plus $4.50 shipping. That's the cheapest I've found. Thanks again!
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    I got mine from

    A little pricey, but I like what he is doing with his.
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    I checked out the btguiderods they do look nice but thats some price for them, I might think about getting one later down the road after a few more 1000 rounds on the current RSA... what I did notice is with the stock RSA standing next to a SS one the stock one has a curve to it anyone ever notice that ???
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    Not sure which pic you're referring to, but I think I know what you are talking about. Sometimes the springs on guide rods snake a little making them look curved.
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  12. Hey, thanks for turning me on to btguiderods! That are a little pricy, by I love that the guide rod is coated in black! Looks like the factory one! And they don't rape ya on shipping like Glockmeister! $5 vs. $14! WTH? I'm sure that will be my next purchase! Thanks again!
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    How does it help your G30sf? The extra weight in front or is it a better spring assembly?
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    Good thing i live in same city as glockmeister :p
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    It helps tame the recoil with the extra weight in front. Plus it looks cool lol. Got an ss gra on my g30 non sf.

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    Glad you like them...The prices are a bit high, but I have not had any problems with mine so far.

    It took a little while for my rod to ship, but that was not really a problem for me. The first one he shipped to me was lost by the Postal Service (surprise!). The owner, however, was very responsive and communicated well. Unfortunately, the first one was never found. So he shipped me another and it arrived with no issue.
  17. Thanks again for the info! One question, did you notice a reduction in recoil after installing the guide rod assembly? That's supposedly the big advantage of upgrading to the stainless steel. Not that that my G26 has that much recoil, but less would be better.
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    Regarding recoil reduction...I didn't really notice an appreciable difference. Some would say it helps, but my G23 is still fairly snappy. It isn't too bad though.

    Others may be more attuned to any recoil reduction that a SS or tungsten might provide.

    I am sure the stock recoil spring assy would have worked fine. I just liked the idea of having SS.
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    To really dampen recoil:

    1) install a Tungsten guide rod (pricey, but excellent)

    2) reload and bring powder charge down

    3) add Seattle Slug (weighted piece that goes into space in the backstrap).

    If you dont least do 1 & 3. I have tjese in my competition gun and works well.

    Stainless steel will add some weight but not as much as tungsten...