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Didn't want to hijack another thread, so I'll start this one.

There is nothing wrong with my RSAs but I would like to upgrade to either SS or Tungsten. it is just my preference.

I have a tungsten and SS from TopGlock right now, Tungsten in my gen 3 23 and SS in 19. It may be my perception, but I have noticed much better flip reduction and softer recoil with the assemblies.
These are no longer available as I had purchased them unless they are named differently.

I will be installing these into a 17 gen 4 and a 20 gen 4.

I have been searching the forums and reviews for the other assys, and read a bit that some of the tungsten have breaking issues from bing so hard/brittle.
A few have stated they have had issues with the dual spring system where the large spring will disengage from the captive stop and cause FTF.

As far as the two, I have seen quite a few articles, arguments moving50/50 each direction.
What has everyone's gee experiences been with a particular manufacturer?
Which do you recommend, currently I am looking at the LWD, GM and Glockstore versions, I will going to a single piece guide rod with a conversion bushing, no 2 pc assys.
Does anyone know or can they weigh their assys and LMK what the actual weights are? SS and tungsten here please.

Has anyone experienced any of the breakages here? FTF or other issues, if FTF have you changed weight or ammunnitions and from which sources?

Thanks in advance.

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SS with adapter installed.
I opted for the ols style single piece. It weighs twice the factory. The gen 4 weighs 3x the factory.
I don't feel any additional weight in the front.
Function and function tests all are smooth.

I'll hopefully get to the range.
I doubt any issues or felt reductions, but we will see. I will bring the factory one to test for comparison
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