Squib load-perfect example

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  1. Never experienced or witnessed one and don't want to......

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    Good to know, thank you!
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    I had one when I first started using the progressive reloader. I am SO glad I didn't do a tap/rack/kaboom! However, it just felt "different". Here is what it looked like.

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  5. What do you think caused yours? Missed powder charge station?

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    That is scary!!!!
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    Yeah. Vital info here. Imagine running a hot load on top of one of those... It wouldn't be pretty. That instructor might have saved that man's life by stopping his next shot.

    Double thanks, Mike.
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    I am new to the Glock world, my first time shooting one was a cops .40 and he was saying that reloads void the Glock warranty . Since my G22 isn't new that wouldn't be an issue but once I got on here I saw the reloading forum so I figured people were loading to save $ and make their own custom loads etc. That is a very scary video.
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    Yeah, missed powder. Now I look when I put each bullet on.
  10. Actually those are two guys that run Moss Gun-n-Pawn in GA. Their you tube channel offers tons of great info from reloading, gun smithing, surplus weapons etc etc etc. Both are experienced shooters.

    I can see this happening to anyone. In the "heat of the moment" of shooting with squib loads being such a rare event and something we don't normally think about what I imagine that happened is......Barry{shooter} did not notice the poof of smoke from the primer the we easily saw on the vid and did the right thing of clearing the round then Eric noticed the empty shell case he ejected and being experienced realized instantly what had happened.

    I know I've had plenty of hard primers that did not go boom and pay attention to what I'm ejecting by hand to make sure there's a bullet still attached to the case.

    Can't take anything for granted when we're out there enjoying our hobby.....hand loads and factory loads alike are subject to this.
  11. That's why when I load I'm alone and have no distractions. My eyes actually cover several things for each pull of the handle. All in one eye swoop I notice if a new primer has made it out of the tube feeder when the shell plate is on it's way down, whether or not if the case has powder before I place new bullet on top and to make sure I have not double charged a case.