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    Is it necessary to change out the springs to shoot heavy 10 mm loads or will the oem work just as well?Reading other threads and I see a lot of people say they do.Confused.You would figure if the manufacture put them in there they should be able to handle any load you put through it?
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    I have shot heavier loads (factory ammo) with out any problems. The 10 mm Glocks should handle any factory loaded ammo. If you load your own and go over recommended pressure, different story. Welcome to the forum.

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    As long as you don't exceed the SAMMI parameters you should be good to go with factory recoil springs. PLEASE remember to change these out every 3 to 5 thousand rounds to reduce wear and tear on your new gun.

    I don't quite follow what you mean by that statement I placed in bold. Are you reloading a hotter round than recommended for 10mm? Hotter can be thought to mean, more powder but a heavier bullet or tighter crimp for a certain load can cause higher chamber pressures too.

    GLOCKs Safe Action System is designed around SAMMI spec'ed ammo and it is not recommended to fire anything beyound it in GLOCKS.

    Welcome to the forum and happy safe shooting!
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    What I mean is 200 grain like buffalo bore etc. no I don't do reloading.
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    You're good to go even with factory springs.