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    I picked this one up the other day. I was actually going there to look at a Parkerized Springfield Mil-Spec 1911 Standard Model he had in stock. But after handling it and giving it a good once over it just didn't light my fire for some reason. It was a really nice pistol and all, but when I saw this Loaded Model my attention shifted to it.

    It had the nicer Cocobolo grips, ambidextrous safety, along with the Novak style Trijicon Night Sights. All and all a much nicer package for not much more money, so I decided to go with it. This gun is very similar to my Range Officer, but better suited for carry with the Novak Night Sights.
    I gave it a good cleaning when I got it home, and as you can see from the photographs, I also gave the Parkerizing a good oil soaking. I absolutely love Springfield 1911's. They really put a nice weapon together. The thing that really got me was the case it came in. This thing is built with every bit as much quality as a Storm or Pelican Model of the same size. It has all die cut high density foam for the pistol, holster, magazine holder, cleaning rod, as well as 3 cut outs for extra magazines.

    It also has 2 holes that will accommodate a couple of nice size locks. About the only thing I noticed was that it had no O-Ring in the cutout along the edge. That isn't a problem because the local NAPA Auto Parts store by me has 5 MM O-Ring cord in 6' lengths for a couple of bucks. I'm going to pick up some and fit the case with an O-ring. I'm really surprised how they can offer such a nice case with the weapon. The older style blue cases my other Springfield 1911's came in are nice as well, but this one is much better. A similar Storm or Pelican Model in the same size is close to, if not over $100.00. I'm going to the range tomorrow, so I'll light it up then. If it shoots as well as my other Springfield's I'll be happy.
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    Nice looking 1911, makes almost wish hadn't parted company with mine.


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    Sweet! I have the Range officer and love it. I even let it sit on the shelf in the gun cabinet with my Glocks.:eek:


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    That is a sweet gun there.
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    Very nice indeed...!!
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    Nice Springfield. As much as I love my Glocks I do have a soft spot for 1911's. Right now I have 4 with 1 being a Springfield Loaded.