Springfield Armory M1A

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  1. Dose anyone here have one? Was it worth every penny? lol .I really want to get one cause all the reviews on them say they are worth every penny. The iron sights are accurate strait out of the box, can shoot 7.62 or .308 rounds, recoil is not bad for a powerful rifle, weights around 9 pounds. The more I read up on them the more I really want one.

    The main reason that is stopping me from buying one is the hefty price tag of any were from 1,300 to 1,600 and higher. An I read some were that they were kinda of hard to come by at some FFL dealers. I rather have the long barrel version instead of the short 16 inch socom version.

    Thanks in advance for all input.
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    Awesome rifle but a little heavy. I have always loved this style of rifle and love shooting it especially if you like iron sights. Most are set up as a scout rifle if you have a scope on it which really limits the choices for optics, but Leopold makes a great option for you.
    Some of the newer models has a different type mount allowing a standard eye relief scope to be mounted, so this is just something to look for depending on likes and preference.

    Other options for the same round is a AR-10 (AR-15 based) and a Saiga (AK-47 based).

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  4. Yes that's that one I've been looking at to but in the Walnut stock.