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April 28 - 29, 2012

Reevesville, South Carolina
B.E.L.T. Training

:)Yes, for the women only.:D

This was a blast last year. Guys bring the gals out and sit back and watch, or tote gear.
The gals have to get registered and be GSSF members too in order to shoot. What a better short vacation for the gals, and you too!

Go to and click on the matches and then upcoming events.

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Passing this along from GSSF/Glock and B.E.L.T. Training


I would like to invite all of our female friends the wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, sisters, etc., of Glock Forum to join us this weekend, April 28-29th, for the Palmetto GLOCK Girl Shootout. This is GSSF's 2nd Annual Ladies Only Pistol Match at B.E.L.T. Training, LLC in Reevesville, SC.

It will be a great time for ladies of all ages and experience levels to discover the comradery and fun that draws us into the shooting world.

Whether you want to participate or just see what it is all about we welcome you to join us for a fun filled weekend!

Lisa Marie Judy
Owner/ Instructor

Press Release

The 2ND Annual "Palmetto GLOCK Girl Shootout" to be held April 28-29 at our range in Reevesville, SC Registration begins at 9:00 am until 3:00 pm on Saturday & Sunday. You do not have to stay the entire time. You can shoot your division and leave.

GSSF is an organization of GLOCK, Inc. that stages indoor and outdoor competitions for GLOCK owners throughout the United States.

Open to all females, the Palmetto GLOCK Girl Shootout is the vision of Lisa Marie Judy, an NRA certified instructor, SC Law Enforcement Division CWP Instructor and owner of B.E.L.T. Training, LLC. Judy's goal is to offer female shooters the chance to compete against their lady peers in an otherwise male dominated sport.

As with all GSSF matches, the Palmetto GLOCK Girl Shootout is family oriented and hosts competitors ranging from beginner to expert. There will be a variety of divisions for competitors to enter, with each offering the chance to win a GLOCK pistol to the highest performance winner provided there are a minimum of ten entries for that division.

These Divisions include:
- Amateur Civilian
- Amateur Guardian (LE & Military)
- Amateur & Master Subcompact (Glock 26, 27, 29, 30, 33, and 39)
- Amateur & Master Heavy Metal (10mm, .45 ACP & .45 GAP)
- Amateur & Master Major Subcompact (subcompact 10mm, .45 ACP & .45 GAP)
- Master Stock
- Amateur & Master Competition (Competition Length models such as G34, G35, G17L, G24)
- Amateur & Master Unlimited (tricked out Glock)

A GLOCK pistol will also be given as a special performance award to the Match Meister, the lady with the single best performance score among all the divisions in the match. Special recognitions with cash prizes for the highest score in the categories of High Senior, High Super Senior, High Junior and High Challenged will also be awarded.

"GSSF events are a great place to learn the safe handling of firearms in a constructive and enjoyable setting. The friends you will make and the experience you will have will be priceless. It is my belief that women will be able to save the shooting sports so let's get as many girls out there shooting as possible!" said Randi Rogers, Former Team GLOCK Shooting Squad member.

All that is needed to compete is a membership in GSSF. To join, simply go to and complete the application or sign up at the event. Competitors are required to shoot with a GLOCK pistol and a representative will be on hand during the match with stock GLOCK pistols for use in the competition.

Benefits of being a GSSF member include the ability to purchase one GLOCK per year at a discounted price and an opportunity to attend The GLOCK Armorer's Class. GSSF is affiliated with the United States Civilian Marksmanship Program, whose benefits are also made available to GSSF members.

To register for the match, or for more information, contact Lisa Marie Judy at 843.729.3817 or visit: or

Note: Gentlemen are welcome to attend with the ladies that will shoot, but they may not personally shoot this particular GSSF match.

If you would like to PM Lisa Marie for information, her User Name is Range Mistress
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