Something Easily controlled by my wife?

Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by GAdmin, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. GAdmin

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    I'm looking at Glocks pretty heavily now, I'm looking for a good middle ground so my wife can use it when she needs to as well.

    Do any of your wives shoot with you? What caliber? Are they experienced with firearms in general?

    Mine is not but I will be taking courses and so will she. It's been over a decade since I've taken any shooter education courses and I want to brush up.
  2. wsar10

    wsar10 New Member

    mine is partial to a G19, but honestly she can control a metal framed gun better than any of my GLOCK's.

  3. jfirecops

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    My wife daily carries and ccw a Glock 19, and does it well. The one thing I had to learn is that wives look at different things that makes no since when picking a gun, so if you want her to shoot and carry you better let her pick it, because they will love a gun for a reason that confuses you and hate a gun for a reason that doesn't matter.
  4. havasu

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    My (soon to be ex) wife carries a Walther PPK-S, .380. It's a little small IMHO, but it fits her good.
  5. EvilD

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    My wife likes my 17 but doesn't carry, she doesn't like my 34 because the trigger is too light:rolleyes:.
  6. My Girl Friend Like the G19 9mm is a awsome round some might tell you to start her with a 22 i say you can do that but honestly why waste money just get a usful gun and be done 9mm is a good round .40 cal might be a bit too much for a new female shooter.
  7. I had a dilemma for my wife as well. she's willing to train but we have 3 little ones (all 4 and under) so time to get away to practice is hard. A G19 would have been my first choice. 15 rnds and a manageable recoil is nice. But in the interim I went with a revolver. 357 mag loaded with 38 spcl until she gets more accustomed to shooting.
  8. G-23

    G-23 Premium Member

    Wife has to choose the gun, no otherway that I know of.
    Mine started off with the 19 and after several years she now enjoys the 26 better.

    She just ordered a 34 and we'll see how she likes that. If she doesn't, I can shoot it for Competition class in GSSF.
  9. GAdmin

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    I'm looking for something that the recoil can be controlled b someone with a smaller frame.

    She loves the Glocks we've been looking at. I think we really need to find someone with a few and put some rounds down range.

    She's a tough lady, so I don't see calibers being an issue, but I don't want her to be uncomfortable with the recoil.
  10. firedawg60

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    I've seen some women handle the G30 in .45 real well. Let her just go "test drive" some different weapons and see what she likes. I wouldn't suggest just buying her one.
  11. jfirecops

    jfirecops New Member

    Then you have to let her pick, don't try to force her and answer her questions honestly when she ask them. If you have a range that rents gun, let her try several sizes in different calibers.
  12. Model22

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    haha, people that say women need smaller guns because they are weak, are full of shit my current girlfriend and my ex girlfriend both love my CDP II custom .45... with an aluminum frame... it's WAY lighter even with a full mag then any 1911 and it's full frame... it's a beast of a weapon... but they shoot better than i do with it... which is hard to say out loud... but it's true!. just because she is smaller doesn't mean she can't shoot a high caliber... now a 50 is rough... that could break anybody's wrist... but the 45 is a GREAT choice...

    My grandma carries a 6.5 inch .357 magnum revolver... with full 357mag load... no .38 special. and she has problems with her bones and her structure is starting to fail. :( and she shoots like a pro. i swear to god she could be on top shot!

    honestly... don't show her to the smaller cal's just because you don't think she can't take it... let her pick one that she likes... you never know dude...
  13. sooner redneck

    sooner redneck New Member

    my fiance is 5'3 120 pounds and can easily handle my glock 23 40 cal. just throwing that out there
  14. GAdmin

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    I'm voicing her concerns. We want to find something we both like but she is under experienced and has concerns.

    It's off to the range we go. I'm going to call around and see who has what.
  15. 40caljim

    40caljim Active Member Supporter

    What to choose ?

    A G-23 would be a good all around gun for the two of you. Its not too big and not too small, and it has a 5 lb trigger. I just got done coaching another guy who was looking at getting his wife a Glock. He was looking at the G-23 or the G-27. I told him if she is just learning to shoot the model 27- .40cal is has a good bit of recoil and may scare her away from shooting. I have seen alot of guys who started their wives out with something that kicked too much and they quit right there, so be aware.
    A G-23 is very controllable and is a very nice weapon capable of handling anything you might encounter. Good luck with your shopping.
  16. wsar10

    wsar10 New Member

    A 5lb trigger should not be a selling point on any gun !
    A lighter pull will make her more accurate which makes for less discuragement.
  17. 40caljim

    40caljim Active Member Supporter

    Sorry for the confusion, I was merely stating the trigger pull as that is standard for most Glock 23's.
    I totally agree, the lighter the pull the better, but for a carry gun competition trigger weights are not recommended. The trigger can be changed out in a model 23 in less than 5 minutes. Mine has a 3-1/2lb in it which was removed from my model 35 when it got the 2lb trigger job.
  18. Steelharp

    Steelharp New Member

    Something Easily controlled by my wife?

    Probably you? :D
  19. ODG34

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    My wife is incredibly recoil sensative due to a bad shooting experience when she was a child. I got her a PPK/S .380 and it was still to much for her, so she is now shooting a .22 rifle until she is comfortable with it. Start her out small and work from there.
  20. Dirty J

    Dirty J This forum sucks.

    My wife started out shooting at Glock 19. She likes to shoot this one at the range, but decided it was too thick for her to carry IWB.

    We got her the next best thing. A Walther PPS in 9mm. Basically it's the single stack Glock that everyone asks for. Same mechanics. I like the stock sights on this one better (3 dot) and it came with a 6rd and 7rd magazine (ours did atleast).

    It's a bit more expensive than a Glock. We paid right about $600 I believe, but finding a gun that she's was comfortable with and more important will carry is priceless.

    Get her out there to rent some guns. Smaller is not always better in terms of recoil. Everyone always "thinks" they should get the wifey a .380 but most of them are so darn small they become hard to hold on to and get the weapon to reliably cycle.