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  1. First lets start with where I live, West Virginia. Now when it comes to whats normal round here that just about everything. We are an open carry state, as for my edc. Gen 4 Glock 21 in a Black Hawk Serpa 2 Owb holster and a Gerber clip point DMF Folder. Now as to my question, and yes this is from experience. I get stopped by DNR because of my Buck Knife is partially covered by my shirt. Granted I only carry it on certain occasions, and I carry it left rear hip out of the way. I get approached and hassled for concealing a weapon, after some conversing we both go our own way. Now my Gerber is legal in my pocket but lets look at the comparison here, I mean really you can clearly see my firearm do I really look as if I might decide I'd rather stab someone with the knife hanging on my butt cheek.




    Comparison photo


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    I guess I don't really see what you are getting at. Is it "illegal" for you conceal any type of "weapon" in your state, or just knives, is there a law on the length that the blade can be?

  3. 3.5 inches on a knife in your pocket. My Buck knife isnt in my pocket its on my belt when i carry it and gets partially covered by my shirt but its visible.
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    Perhaps it is like in Nevada (another Open-Carry State).

    The only item covered by the Concealed Carry Permit is the firearm, nothing else. So if I have a CCW and either CC or OC my gun, I am fine.

    If I carry a knife with a blade over 3" in length from the blade tip to the base edge of the blade, with only the pocket clip showing, it is a concealed weapon specifically prohibited under state law. Whether I have a gun on me becomes irrelevant, it is the knife that is in violation and not the gun. It does not matter if it is a folding knife or a frigging bayonet on my hip, if the blade is over 3" I can expect to get hassled.

    Now, generally, CCW permittees receive some respect and courtesy from LEO, so it is possible I will not get cited for carrying an illegal weapon (knife). This, however, is no guarantee.


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    Oh, and any weapon that could even momentarilly be covered (by a shirt or jacket) is considered a concealed weapon, in NV that is.
  6. If it were in my pocket or was concealed I would totally agree, but to be in its sheath partially covered by my t-shirt on my belt is pretty ridiculous to try and construe that as concealing a weapon.
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    Our laws are very clear on what is defined as not being concealed, so anything other than that is concealed, no grey areas there.

    What does the law say, exactly, about concealed weapons and open carry and knives in your area? This is something you need to check out for yourself.
  8. The law states any knife with a blade 3.5 inches or under is fine in the pocket, any knife larger either fixed folding or sporting concealed or not must show evidence of being carried for hunting or fishing.