Sold my 19, will replace with a Gen 5

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by wildbill45, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. wildbill45

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    A friend wanted my 19! It worked so well I can't blame him. I decided to get a Gen 5 after a little while to see if any "NEW MODEL OF 'ANYTHING ISSUES' arise to the surface. Hopefully this will be a good decision, but as well all know sometimes selling a good working gun sold, becomes a regret later!

    There are many types of gun owners:

    1. Keepers. They buy and keep all their guns, period. If shooting is your only activity of if money is not an issue, this is a good one.

    2. Buy, sell and trade: They buy every gun that has ever come off an assembly line. This affords the street cop such as I the opportunity to own, shoot, and use guns as they improve or not so, over the years looking for the perfect gun, which of course doesn't exist. Since cops are at the mercy of cheapskate Government's pay rates, this is a way to own more gun types than one can afford to keep forever with the large number of purchases made and coming in the future.

    3. Collector: They collect guns they predict will grow in value like an investment. They don't shoot them much or get them wet, dirty or bruised. Guns, like Boys, are NOT HAPPY unless they are wet, dirty and tired!

    What type of gun owner are you?
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  2. gee19

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    For me, it is a 80/20 split between #1 and #2. I typically only sell one if it turns out to be a POS, I just do not like it, or if I choose to standardize on a platform.

    For example, I thought the Walther PK380 would have been a great gun for my wife, but it was a POS.

    The XD Mod 2 appeared to be a great gun, but I did not like the grip safety because it did not fit my large hands very well.

    I sold my FNX's to standardize on Glock G4.

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  3. Who wants to be a #2 .........;)
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  4. Toni77

    Toni77 Member

    Option 1 to me
  5. Lucian_253

    Lucian_253 Well-Known Member Supporter

  6. Sold my Gen4 19 Grey frame for the Gen5, no regrets at all and the gun has been shooting flawlessly. I really wanted the new frame with no finger grooves and I do like the magwell.
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  7. yep380

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    I'm a #2, with a taste of #1 if I find a keeper.

    I'm a gun enthusiast who makes do with whatever I can pull out of the budget for my hobby. Sometimes I need to sell off one or two to fund the next purchase, sometimes not. I have several that I absolutely won't sell (revolvers, a 1911, maybe a couple glocks), the rest I'll wheel and deal with. If the budget doesn't allow for a purchase, I just wait until it does.
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  8. TheFactor

    TheFactor The Glock Factor

    I'm a little of 1 , 2 and 3
  9. moshpit817

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    #2 here..I am like this with many things,I don't know why but I guess I get bored easily,but that comes with too much time on my hands,always searching for "The One" ! I just ordered an aftermarket slide for my compact 80 build and hoping it stays with me for awile..we'll see!
  10. wildbill45

    wildbill45 Active Member

    If you can't afford to keep so many guns, it is a good way to experience them all! Besides, I have at least 10 major passions, and all are expensive starting with my 35 motorcycles over the years, ham radio, hunting trips all over, including Africa, travel to many countries, archery big time, competing in the World Police and Fire Games, in all forms of pistol, smallbore rifle, large bore rifle, Palma Rifle, now serious Flintlock hunting and shooting with custom rifles, it all adds up for a working Street Cop!

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  11. Che

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    4. Whatever.
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  12. glocknutz

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  13. wildbill45

    wildbill45 Active Member

  14. nickndfl

    nickndfl Well-Known Member

    I cannot think of a good reason to ever sell a Glock 19 unless it doesn't work right, but I never heard of one of those. Although by no means rare, a Glock 19 could be handed down through generations.
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  15. Polygonal

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    I live in CA, so I think I can only ever be a #1 unless I want to hand guns in to the police for free (like I'd do that).

    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    I don't collect. Until something exceptionally better comes out I keep what I have then time for an update. This applies to everything, although, I'm lazy about selling what I no longer use. Plus often have later regretted selling something I thought I'd never again need.
  17. wildbill45

    wildbill45 Active Member

    "I live in CA, so I think I can only ever be a #1 unless I want to hand guns in to the police for free (like I'd do that)."

    What do you mean by this??? I know California is crazy, but what you say here makes no sense, talk to me....
  18. wildbill45

    wildbill45 Active Member

    "I cannot think of a good reason to ever sell a Glock 19 unless it doesn't work right"

    The word "GOOD" covers all kinds of evil; a Good War, A good tax hike, or even the old trusty thought, he had GOOD intentions!

    I can think of many reasons, and GOOD has nothing to do with any of them...
  19. Glock19XDS9mm

    Glock19XDS9mm Active Member

    I don't know why you'd sell a proven Glock 19 that's worked so well for a new model which hasn't been out a month yet...

    Nobody knows how reliable the Gen5 is and will be until at least a year or two goes by and the kinks are corrected.

    Just bc it's Glock doesn't mean it's going to be flawless. Any new release should be accepted with a grain of salt until it proves otherwise.. and not these bogus 1,000 round video tests you see on YouTube..
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