**SOLD** G36 LWD Barrel, SS/RSA, & Tungsten RSA

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  1. Lone Wolf SS Barrel with custom engravings for Glock 36, DPMS Systems SS RSA with two separate springs for Glock 36, Tungsten RSA for Glock 36. All in great shape & lovingly maintained.

    I'll take $150.00/shipped for the lot. I like using PayPal for payments & I'll ship UPS/tracking once payment has cleared.

    Please email me at: [email protected]. I'll also check back here, once a day, for the first ten days to answer any questions. Cheers!

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  2. I'll lower the price to $100.00 for any fathers today, Fathers' Day!

  3. SOLD

    Awaiting funds.
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    Sold, thread closed.
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