So whats verdict on Glock 20-29 and full power loads?

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  1. So I got my Glock 20sf and so far only have practice Ammo (American Eagle). I've been doing research on different Ammo loads and I get a lot of people complaining about Bulged Brass etc. The general thought is Glock really messed up with the Barrels by not giving too much case support and yadda yadda. My new Glock 20SF seems to support the case fairly well so I'm not sure if it was something was fixed or what? But I'd like to be on the safe side. Do I really need to get an aftermarket barrel to be on the safe side or should I just shot to full power stuff and check my brass?
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    Just shoot full power and check the brass.
    Are you reloading your own? or just buying everything?

  3. Currently buying. But I do have thoughts of buying reloading equipment. Just not sure yet. I have a .308 and 10mm that are rounds that would be good to reload for. Just need to take the plunge.
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    I am looking at doing the same thing! I have .308,.40 and .45 and really think it would be good to start reloading. I am buying a new rifle in 45-70 and those suckers are costly. I have talked a lot with Happysniper and the Ammo/Reloading thread is FULL of Reaload info. I think I will take the plunge before the end of the year!!
  5. I never had a problem with either my 20 or 29 with full power loads. From what I've read Glock and S&W were a couple of the 10mm's that would actually stand up pretty well to full power stuff. As far as reloading, I've always liked loading just above middle of the road, guess you'd call it 3/4 loads, that way the brass lasts longer and you still have a decent amount of power. Plus, Unique, the only powder I really use, works best at middle or hotter loads. Most of the guys that say Unique is a dirty powder use it with light loads and it's just not building enough pressure to burn completely.
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    To get the most out of the 10MM you have to hand load for it. Factory loads by the big boys are watered down. Smaller companies like Underwood Ammo, Double Tap....etc have hot loads. As said before, check your brass for signs of pressure!!

    I bought some Underwood 155gr GDHP ammo (29.95/50 before shipping) I was able to determine they were using 800x for powder and new Starline Brass. Primer is unknown. They were 1 grain of powder over my book values.

    I've loaded some ammo but have not had a chance to shoot my new G20 yet. I have a KKM barrel on the way as well.