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Smith & Wesson M&P

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Bought a nice little .22 caliber last night for target shooting and practice - thoughts on gun are welcome.
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I am curious as to how you feel about it? I looked at the M&P22 and the Sig Mosquito, and ended up buying the Sig.

Let us all know how you like it!
Going to shoot this weekend. Love the cheaper ammo. Have seen only 3 reviews on it and all seem to be favorable.
I liked how it is close to 90% the size of a full size gun. My wife liked the slighly smaller Sig (and the Sig was green! :D) I haven't heard anything bad about the M&P22 yet!
Let's see a picture of the new M&P...
Yes, pictures, please!

(moving to General Firearms Subforum)
Not sure what a Zamac slide is - went and shot about 200 rounds this morning. Very smooth, problem was jamming. Every mag, bullet wouldn't get up into chamber. Also, the SECOND bullet from every mag was loading - am I doing something wrong. Can't seem to download pics either. Sorry.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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