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I do have one that I bought several years ago to use with my G26. My current holster that I carry with is a CBST, although I don't do the kind of work you do. I too pocket carry (P3AT) quite a bit because it it comfortable in this heat, especially when doing stuff around the house, etc. For me, the Smartcarry is not very comfortable if you are moving around a lot and bending over. It's good if I'm wearing something loose like sweats and just lounging around. It is hot and uncomfortable for me but its also 100 degrees around here all Summer. Never really had a concern carrying chambered while using it.

If you are bending over a lot it might be more comfortable to wear your gun around 5 o'clock (IWB) and cover with a slightly loose/large shirt. Have you tried this already? Even though most people don't like a fanny pack and I don't really use mine, it seems like it would work well for you like RickJames suggested above.
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