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    Has anyone tried carrying a glock in a smart carry type "crotch" holster? I have my hesitations because I bend a lot at work, construction, but nothing else has proven comfortable for me. I am tired of using my lcp and leaving my glocks at home. Should a trigger cover be used with them since they are soft sided in a "vulnerable" area?
  2. Though I don't have any experience with these types of holsters, it just doesn't look comfortable at all to put a gun on top of your junk and expect pants to fit right.

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    I have an Active wear belly band holster, courtesy of Dutchs, and I have not carried in condition one while using it primarily because of the material and although the trigger isn't exposed, I'd hate to shoot myself in my ass, legs, or foot while running or biking.
    I thought about attaching an mic trigger guard and tie that around my gym short string, but haven't got around to it.
    Either way the belly band has served my purpose well.
    Over 20+ miles biking with it so far and 10 or so miles running. Iy has never slipped out or became loose from the velcro. I do not put the strap over the top of the gun, mainly because it WILL NOT fall out.
    I have done rolls, jumping jacks, jump roped with it in and this thing is damn nice.
    Other than running its mike p's owb and foxx trapp iwb condition one.

    Never tried the crotch holster though.
    Maybe a fanny pack? Put the pack around the back so no discomfort shall arise while bending or such.
    Idk if you have concerns about your foreman asking questions or what but there are a few options you can go with.
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    I didn't think so either, but they seem to have good reviews. I'll probably just try one, worst case I'll add it to my collection of failed holsters
  6. If you do give one a try, please post feedback.
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    Will do, ill try it for a couple weeks beforehand.
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    I used to use one with my 27.... It was ok if I was standing, but very uncomfortable when I had to sit for very long. I quit using it because it was a bit slow to retrieve my firearm from. Just my opinion though.
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    I do have one that I bought several years ago to use with my G26. My current holster that I carry with is a CBST, although I don't do the kind of work you do. I too pocket carry (P3AT) quite a bit because it it comfortable in this heat, especially when doing stuff around the house, etc. For me, the Smartcarry is not very comfortable if you are moving around a lot and bending over. It's good if I'm wearing something loose like sweats and just lounging around. It is hot and uncomfortable for me but its also 100 degrees around here all Summer. Never really had a concern carrying chambered while using it.

    If you are bending over a lot it might be more comfortable to wear your gun around 5 o'clock (IWB) and cover with a slightly loose/large shirt. Have you tried this already? Even though most people don't like a fanny pack and I don't really use mine, it seems like it would work well for you like RickJames suggested above.
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    My main concern with it is bending and crouching.
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    I have the thunderwear holster. It occured to me that a fully loaded weapon was pointed at my groin. Only used a couple tomes. It now lives in the box of good ideas but not practical holsters.