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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by 777, May 28, 2012.

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    I know a lot of people "frankenstein" their G36 slide on a G30 frame etc etc. Sooo,....

    I badly want a gen 4 G38, but don't see them producing one in the near future, due to the caliber. My question is, can I put a current G38 slide on a gen 4 G23 frame? Then simply use G38 mags. Much thanks in advance.

    PS before anyone asks,.."why a 45 GAP"....its because I LOVE it & the smaller grip on the gen 4 frames. :D
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    It will technically work but it'll look weird with the gap at the front. You'll need to replace the trigger housing with ejector with one for .45. The .45 "SF" trigger housing with ejector will work, it's Glock manufacturer part number 5406.
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    What gap at the front? They're the same size frame and the slides are the same length.

    You also can't put a .45ACP trigger housing and ejector in it. You can get one for a Gen4 G37 and use it if you find it necessary.
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    The Gen4 slides have a wider tang for the muzzle end of the guide rod, so Gen4 frames have a wider dust cover. Gen4/IMG_1532.jpg

    That's what I meant, a .45 "SF" trigger housing which is used in "SF" models, the Gen4 G21, and Gen4 G37. From the Glock parts list:
    The parts list is available here, on the right where it says "parts order form":
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    Well, I used the G19 ejector/trigger housing mechanism in my customer's G38 Frankenstein and it ejects perfectly. I did order the .45 GAP ejector/THM just in case but the G19 is working just fine.