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Slide question

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Ok guys so I took my wife out to the range with me today to familiarize her and teach her some fundamentals for general safety and defense purposes. I brought a 19gen 4 and a 27 she was having problems chambering rounds with the 27 but not so much with the 19. Are there any mods I can do to the slide with either? She likes the feel of the 27 but the 9mm recoil. Any suggestions? Also I was wondering maybe a glock isn't for her she is a south paw maybe that doesn't matter.
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G26 gen 4 and reverse the mag release?
If she likes the feel of the 27 but prefers 9mm, a G26 may be a good fit. Its my EDC and I love it.
Or maybe a conversion barrel for the 27 to shoot 9mm
Can you be more specific about the problems experienced in chambering rounds?
If she likes the feel of the 27 but prefers 9mm, a G26 may be a good fit. Its my EDC and I love it.
+1 on the 26. The 26 and the 27 have the same dimensions. She could try shooting that one to see how it feels.
Happysniper1 said:
Can you be more specific about the problems experienced in chambering rounds?
She was just having a tough time pulling the slide back once she loaded the mag.
She was just having a tough time pulling the slide back once she loaded the mag.
Oh, OK, sounds like it is just a case of too much tension on the recoil spring assembly for her to overcome when racking the slide will find this in all subcompact Glocks, unfortunately.

My youngest daughter (who shoots IDPA) prefers the Service XD-9 over a Glock for this same reason. Unfortunately :(
Try locking the slide back the next couple of times you store the weapon. That might help.
And I hesitate to recommend this, but a "softer" RSA (recoil spring assembly) should make racking the slide back easier, but then too soft a spring poundage and you can end up with stovepipes or other extraction/ejection problems.

If the guns are brand new, the springs should lighten up slightly over time (unfortunately, only very slightly and only over a significant amount of time).

KM's suggestion is valid: lock the slide back whenever not shooting the G27, it may help somewhat.

Please keep us in the loop as to what you decide and what happens.

The other option is to lock the slide back, pop in the mag, and release the slide. I love my 30 but same thing, I'm a big dude and sometimes the damn thing is a ***** to rack.
Is the gun new? Was this the wife's very first time handling a semi-automatic? Do you find it harder than normal to actuate the slide as well, not just your wife? If it's a new Glock, maybe it's just a break-in issue that is being compounded a little bit by your wife being new to shooting semi-automatics, and something that she will become more acclimated with over time. My very first semi-auto was a S&W, and man was that thing a wrestling match for me to lock the slide open for the first several range visits.
get her to try using the palm method instead of using her index and thumb to cock the glock, she can grab the top of the pistol with her thumb and palm on the side of the slide and her other 4 fingers on the other side of the slide.
I'd have her try all the different "charging" methods described in earlier posts.

Will she be carrying this?

If it's not a carry weapon, a charging handle may be an option:

I've never seen these used so YMMV

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Yes she is pretty new to handling semi autos. I don't have a problem with racking it but I am going to store it with the slide open for a little time maybe it will help. I taught her the palm method and that was the only way she racked it...........barely. Has anyone had extraction problems with a lighter poundage spring? What is stock specs and what should I watch out for?
do not change the poundage of the recoil spring, she will have malfunctions that require more racking to clear it, not worth it.
just let her do some dry racking using the palm method, this will strengthen her muscles and will become easier.
Also, when using the fingers/palm method it helps if you bring the gun closer to your chest so you can use those muscles to help rack the slide instead of just the arm muscles. Kind of a push the gun hand(in her case left) to the right and the slide hand to the left so both hands are pushing on the gun and slide at the same time.
Another thing worth trying:

With the slide gripped properly with the support hand (right, in her case) and strong hand (left) firmly on the grip, instead of pulling back on the slide with the support hand, keep the support hand firm and push forward with the strong hand. To simplify it, instead of racking the slide back, she will push the frame forward and then release the slide.

It has worked for a number of my students who experienced difficulty racking the slide back.

Hope that helps!

Well after much tinkering around with different positions and tossing ideas around about charging handles and what not we found the perfect solution. Sig sauer p250 subcompact in a 9mm. She can manipulate it well fit is great and the ambidextrous slide release along with stock night sights was a seller in itself. Thanks for the suggestions though guys!
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