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  1. Hurricane460

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    Ordered extended slide lock's for all of my Glocks on Monday. Received them today and I must say what a difference it makes to break the gun down. If you dont have these little jewels it is a must in my opinion.
  2. You mean the extended take down leveler? Yes I agree! I just installed one a day or two ago and it makes a big difference if you don't have nails.

    The extended slide lock, locks the slide back after you fire your last round. I all so have a ghost extended slide lock on my G21 as well. Its a small little tear drop shape that makes racking the slide a lot better in my opinion.

  3. ^ bingo, no big deal but you simply mis-worded them, the slide release (or take down) is the one youre talking about, the slide lock is the one that holds the slide back after youre last round... but yes! Both are two of the best 2 minutes upgrades you can do to your gun IMO!
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    I hear about everyone rave about these but I think the factory one is just fine. I don't have nails either. I must admit that the first time I used it it was a little stiff but now no problems at all.
  5. Hurricane460

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    Don't mean to be argumentative. There are several different names this little piece goes by. I did put the extended Slid Stop Lever on the G30. Much easier now to release the slide forward compared to the original part.


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  6. Interesting, so what dose that call the "slide stop"?

    Edit; dose the slide lock (what you pictured) actually have anything to do with the slide locking back?
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  7. Webphisher

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    I imagine 27 is called a slide release.
  8. Hurricane460

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    Number 27 is the Slide Stop Lever.

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  9. I never had a problem with the factory one either. Had it on there for 5 years. I recently put an extended one on and it's a little easier but hardly noticeable to me. I have skinny little girl fingers though. My dad noticed right away and said it was way easier. He has big sausage fingers. :rolleyes:
  10. G-23

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    Slide Lock = take down leveler
    The slide lock, locks the barrel in place while in battery
    Slide stop lever= slide lock
    The slide stop lever holds the slide to the rear after the last round had be fired.

    I'm not bustin chops here. I see time and again where folks get this out of wack and it confuses people trying to read or learn the proper names of the parts. Just trying to help.;)

  11. So Slide lock and Slide Stop Lever are truly the right names for those parts?

    That's why I ask the question I ask on here, to gain knowledge. :)
  12. G-23

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    Slide LOCK

    Slide Stop Lever
  13. Hurricane460

    Hurricane460 Glock Doc..

    Yes and thanks to G23 the assistance.
  14. series11

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    That is confusing... but good to know now, and it actually makes sense...:)
  15. series11

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    And Knowing is Half the Battle!!!!!:D