Slide Fire SSAK-47 Bump Fire Stock

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    Here's the deal, I have a century Arms Polish AK-74 tantal that I bought a couple years back. I have only put less than 50rds through it. I like it, but I guess I am more of an AR guy. Every month or so I go shooting at my cousins place with a bunch of friends and stuff and want something cheap and fun to shoot. I'm thinking this gun and the SSAK-47 stock and the cheap surplus ammo would be a blast to shoot. Anybody have one and would reccomend it?
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    Why not post a pick of the new AK ( congrats )...and the bump fire stock some people here have not a clue what either looks like.

  3. I was bump firing a friend's AR over the weekend and It kept light striking the primer and jamming up the bump run. Wonder if this stock would cut down on that? Looks like a good product from the videos.
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    Thanks on the AK, I would take a pic but it's in the back of the safe, so here's a stock pic

    Here's the stock I plan on picking up

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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