Slide dissassembly cleaning

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by BabaaBooey, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. BabaaBooey

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    How often do you clean the striker channel on a glock slide? I dont mind cleaning my gun, but was wondering if frequent cleaning can cause more harm than good.
  2. Happysniper1

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    I use ultrasonics, and this cleans every nook and cranny, every time I shoot a gun.

    No wear from abrasive brushes, no stinky solvents, no solvent residue.

    BUT, I do need to oil everything afterwards, or it'll start rusting right quick!


  3. I did mine the other day, only because I wasn't sure when the guy I bought the gun from did it last. I'd figure as easy as it is it wouldn't hurt anything to do it every 500 rounds or so. Detail strip of a Glock slide is as easy as a 1911a1 slide, which is to say VERY easy. In fact detail strip of the entire gun is pretty simple. Not like a lot of other semis where you get parts and springs flying all over God's Creation and need three hands to put things back together,LOL.
    I really LOVE the simplicity of the Glock platform. Probably won't bother with any other platform again, really lovin' my G30. ;)
  4. BabaaBooey

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    Thanks. And sorry...i think i should have looked in the gun smithing category first.

    I have about 600 rounds through my new g...i think i might just check how much gunk is in the channel at this point for a mental note, clean it, and then maybe do it every 1000 rds or so.
  5. dwcfastrice

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    It can get pretty dirty, especially if you've been overzealous with the "oiling"

    They still shoot fine dirty, though.

  6. Hickok45 had a video on this very topic and he said he cleaned his every 1000 rounds. But every 500 would be fine, cause disassembly of the slide is so easy, it's not a chore!
  7. BabaaBooey

    BabaaBooey Member1

    Did it tonight. There was a lot of carbon in there for a new gun. Easy process. Used a wooden skewer since i dont own the glock tool.

    Thanks everyone.
  8. mauro3005

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    I currently do it every time I go to a GSSF match! Just get them to do it and check if anything needs to be replaced. But then again depends how much you shoot. So in my case it's around 1000 or less rounds between each detail strip.
  9. Any good sites for instructions on how to do this? I don't have a Glock tool either....
  10. BabaaBooey

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    Go on youtube. You dont need that tool. Just something softer than metal like plastic or wood. The tip of a mechanical pencil works well if you have one. I used a kabob skewer just because it was handy. Easy process. I used alcohol and q-tips mostly.
  11. I finally did it... There's nothing to it! What a piece of cake...
  12. Nyckid211

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    Congrats, now what about the rest of it? ;)
  13. BabaaBooey

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    I cleaned everything and gave it a lil buff for the 25 cent trigger thing. Def smoothed it out a bit. So easy to disassemble and reassemble. Not a chore at all. Pump some music and get it done. I use mostly alcohol on everything and ballistol on the rails n barrel.
  14. The only thing I haven't taken down is the polymer receiver... Don't really want to attempt that.