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Discussion in 'Glock Photos' started by tsarac, May 14, 2012.

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    Whats up guys?

    I got a new 27Gen4. Here is a pic of my new 27 on top and my 19 on the bottom.
    The oily deposit in the slide of 27 I am curious about. Is this a lubricant, just shot it today, perfect. I am curious because I didn't see this when I bought my 19 last year.

    Also, second picture is the frame of my 19. Do you see that sharp pointy part of the trigger mechanism? It's bent to the right. Isn't this supposed to be straight? It is straight in my new 27...

    Thanks for all the feedback in advance!

    Happy glocking!


  2. bhale187

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    lubricant is added by glock, you should leave it in until the gun really needs a good scrubing in those areas.

    the ejector is an old style (336) and designed that way

  3. kodiak

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    ^^^^ Yep

    Your good bro