Regional Silverbolt's Holster setup

Discussion in 'North West USA' started by MissPistol, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Is. very nice. Thank you for letting me use it last evening! What were the component parts in it again?

    Looking forward to seeing you guys at USPSA's in Dundee!
  2. Silver-Bolt

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    My belt:


    Mag Pouches:

    Shop around you may find better prices. Please note that the holster is specific to your gun. You don't want a generic one size fits all holster. Amazon has a lot of items. There are other great brands like Uncle Mike's, Glock brand, etc. If you are going to shoot in the production class you will be limited to 10 rounds per mag. You will want to carry a minimum of 4 mags on your belt. Some stages may require a minimum round count of 30 or more. Make sure you have enough to cover any misses. Very good idea to have at least 5-6 mags so you have a spare if one should fail. You will also need to join USPSA. . An average match will require approximately 200 rounds. Some more, some less.

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    Besides the belt set up Silver Bolt mentions ...

    Come out and watch the matches until you can shoot at a match. It has really helped me to understand the sport better by watching other shooters, especially women shoot.
    I found a good beginner DVD "Make Ready A Woman's Guise To USPSA" by Jessie Abate. While some of the DVD is geared of course to USPSA as the title states, much is gun basics -reloading, sight alignment etc. Lastly, she has some good drills to try, again regardless of whether GSSF or USPSA. Gabby Franco also has a good book with drills in the back out for women shooters, but I don't have it near me at the moment to give you the title. Now to apply what I have learned this weekend at my first USPSA match.

    Hope to see you Saturday at Dundee.