One of the biggest players in the suppressor game is moving into marketing threaded aftermarket barrels for Glock's subcompact line, starting with the 9mm G26.

The Utah-based company, who has been setting the suppressor world abuzz with their Salvo and Osprey lines (and new Maxim integral suppressors), has long-marketed a series of drop-in threaded barrels. After all, what good is a sweet screw-on can if your barrel ends at the frame, right?

"The only thing better than a normal pistol barrel is a threaded pistol barrel. All pistol silencers require one. We noticed a market need for high quality pistol barrels and we stepped in to offer them," reads company literature. "Holding to the same commitment to quality as all our products, our threaded barrels are tough enough to hold up under the harshest conditions."


With a nod to the popularity of the Glock line, Silencerco up until this month carried six aftermarket barrels-- and five of them were for Glock models (17, 17L, 21, 19, and 34), all for a MSRP of $220. (*For reference, the only non-Glock offering is for the Sig Sauer P-226)


Well that line was expanded by one with the announcement on October 15 that, "We now offer threaded barrels for the Glock 26!"


Showing in the drop down box on their website, the barrels are listed at their standard $220 price point and, while a spec sheet isn't available yet, we imagine its still 1/2-28TPI as their other 9mm offerings.

Hopefully they will follow up with models for the G27, G30 and others.

The only problem is that Lone Wolf and others make a line of drop-in Glock barrels that run about half the price, but, with legislation offered to take suppressors out of the NFA, the more offerings in the silencer/accessory department, the better.