Signed up/registered for GSSF :)

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  1. Sent in membership/registration form for the GSSF match in Pa this coming August. Only signed up for a year since there is a chance of winning a 2 year membership extension as a match participant (a few bucks saved is a few bucks spent on ammo).

    Decided to sign up for 3 divisions. Amateur civilian stock (G21), Heavy Metal (G21), and Major Subcompact (G30).

    Looking forward to going!
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    Yup the chances are good for winning. I've been ti two matches an so far won a $50 random. Which in your case would be a one year extension.

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    Looking forward to seeing you there! I'm a gssf member and this will be my first event as well. Can't wait to win my first glock! :)
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    How long must you be a member to get the coupon for a glock? Do you have to attend events to be able to continue as a member? Any other benefits?
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    As long as it takes to get it in the mail, as long as you sign up for a multi-year membership. Otherwise, if you sign up for one year, you don't get the coupon until you renew your membership. It took me 10 days.

    You do not have to attend, but why wouldn't you? Random gun giveaways, chances to win guns, prizes and cash!

    There are other benefits. You have the opportunity to pay for and take the armors class, which allows you to purchase glocks at a discounted rate, as well as everything else previously mentioned. You get a neat-o gssf hat, a glock sticker, glock iron on patch, a copy of the gssf report and a glock buyers guide. At gssf matches, there is an armorer who can change out parts for you free of charge. All the events have the same layout of courses, so you can actually set it up yourself at home and practice.
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    As discussed in my PM this isn't the case really.

    - The Glock M stage has as many as 7 different versions. While they all form a "M" they are laid out in different distances and configurations.

    - The Five to Glock stage has 8 different versions as well.

    The reason for so many is to give the GSSF Range Officer the ability to tailor the match to the existing range configurations mostly. But it is nice to mix it up a notch too! Rangess that can support longer versions of stages are an even better test of your abilities and help use instill confidence in your choice of pistol.

    - Glock the Plates has two versions. Steel plate rack and paper target version. Steel is always at 33' for safety. The paper plate version is only 21' and consist of the NRA-D1 target upside down.

    When a different version is chosen, any other dupicate stages have to be the same for that match. If your range expects to have like 300+ entries you might set up more than one of each stage so your RO's can run more shootes thru the match.

    While practice is important, it cannot be stressed enough; Until you show up at a match you won't know for sure just what version you'll shoot.
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    I should have prefixed that sentence with a generally, or more or less. My mistake.
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    Not a big deal really but for those that want to study the layout of different versions, they can be found in the most recent edition of the volume 1, 2012, The GLOCK REPORT.

    Here's a link from the GLOCK site: From the GLOCK Report (

    A nugget of information: me and the wife on page 67.
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    On the bottom right! I see you guys! Can you tell me where the layout of the different versions are? Ive downloaded the pdfs of the stations and paper options, and thats all i could find, but I found the other versions in TGR, thanks !
  10. G-23

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    The Glock Report pages 36 - 45 cover all the stage setups.

    On the GLOCK M there is one more version not covered in the Glock Report. This is the "Windy day Rule" or Ring & Paint mode, for when we can't get the steel poppers to stay upright because of strong winds.

    *Ring & Paint mode: One Steel Target is set to not fall. This Steel Target is engaged on each string. Steel is scored when hit. This method may be used as an option at some match locations at the discretion of the GSSF Range Master, usually due to high winds but sometimes due to range restrictions involving falling steel targets or to facilitate entries at high-volume matches.