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  1. emtknox

    emtknox New Member

    I just got a advantage tactical sight for my g23. Love it. Have you guys found any different sights you love and will live or die by?
  2. pharoah

    pharoah New Member

    They look bad a$$ I'm thinking of getting some advantage..

  3. dslmac2

    dslmac2 New Member

    These look cool, but also large. Who has good tritium sights that are still low-profile for an EDC.
  4. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 RETIRED MODERATOR Sponsor Lifetime Supporting Member

    Welcome to the Glock Forum emtknox !!
  5. dslmac2

    dslmac2 New Member

    Trijicon Night Sights
    Meprolight Tru-Dot
    XS Big Dot
    XS Standard Dot
    TruGlow Fiber Optic
    TruGlow Glock Low
  6. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    I love mepros for a carry gun, they've held up great for me, and my oldest set is nearly 13 years still glowing bright on my USP 40

    CJKOLCUN New Member

    Novak's LoMount Carry Tritium Sights.
  8. P99guy

    P99guy New Member

    I have ATS's on my duty G31, i really like them

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  9. Trotac

    Trotac New Member

    Ameriglo Pro I-Dots w/ orange front. Best sights I've ever seen for my purposes.
  10. P99guy

    P99guy New Member

    All the colors come in the ATS kit to find what works best for your eyes.

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  11. P99guy

    P99guy New Member

    A good write up on the ATS

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  12. DnJ90

    DnJ90 Junior Member

    I have Meps on my 26 and soon to be on my 19 and love them!
  13. ckuenzer331

    ckuenzer331 Member

    Novak night sights.... Got them on my 1911 and G27... Love them!!!