Featured Sights Recommendations?? Glock 19 Gen 4

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    20170927_175202.jpg 20170927_175202.jpg Hello there,

    I am looking for some sight recommendations. I had originally put on HD Trijicon sights on my original Glock slide. I replaced the slide with a new slide. I sold my old slide that had the sights on it.

    I'm looking for recommendations.... I've been out of the loop for a while... any insight if greatly appreciated. I realize the HD sights were great for an EDC pistol, for fast target acquisition.This time I am looking for a balance between fast target acquisition but also accuracy at a distance. I don't think the HD sights lent itself in the pin pointed accuracy for anything 15 yards and more. I think I may need a thinner post front sight??

    Please let me know your thoughts. I'm not budget conscious. Just something really good. I am not looking to using an RMR any time soon.

    The ones that came to mind were:
    - Heini Straight 8s and
    - Dueck (rear site with something else in the front)
    - Sights from Zev (rear is dark) and front post (fiber optic)

    P.S. I've posted a photo of my G19 Gen 4 with the new slide.

    I would love to hear your thoughts, experiences, insights...experiences...etc.

  2. DAVEF

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    Skip the Heini. I think you will run into the same issue. Standard Glock night sights will give a much better sight picture for accuracy/distance than something like the Straight 8s.
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  3. eltell

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    Nice piece of engineering on the slide. :)
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    I think the Trijicon HDs are the gold standard for sights on a carry or duty pistol. I share your dislike of the size of the front sight, though.

    I'd look at the new Trijicon HD XRs. Much thinner front sight. Sounds like the Trijicon folks were listening to the feedback they were receiving.
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  5. Easy_CZ

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    Wilson Combat offers a nice Vickers set with a thin front post for Glocks.
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    Thank you everyone for your insight and comments... I went with the Dueck Defense sights... I am posting some photos. I love the rear sight with the ledge and totally deburred (everything is rounded off on the rear site) and the front post is an HD style setup. There's also a Tritium dot on the rear ledge -so it is like a straight 8 setup.

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