Sights for 4 legged creatures- Glock 20sf

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  1. I have my 1911 and G19 for self defense. But I purchased my G20sf for when out at our Ranch. So it's main use will be for 4 legged creatures or blasting rattlesnakes heads off. I'm not left with much money to try different sights, so maybe one of you have experience.
  2. Night sights aren't really necessary unless the gun is going to be used as your CCW because they're easier to conceal than having a gun with a tac-light on it. As a range gun, I'd say pass on night sights for your G20sf. Night sights only help you see the sights, they don't help you see the target any better. Truth be told, if the G20 is going to be a ranch gun, spend the money on a good tac light instead.

    Really going to use a 10mm on a snake? Must be some kind of big snakes out your way!! :)

    Edit: oops, I'm sorry for some reason I read your OP as asking about night sights rather than sights in general. But my above post still stands - the stock sights are fine for whacking snakes and critters, but you might consider a light for it instead if you are often outside at night.
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    Sounds like you need fast target acquisition…

    I hear that Ameriglo I-Dots and XS big dots are superb! (and I offer both).

    Personally I use standard glock night sights on my glock. They came on it.
  4. hey congrats on vendor status, blackwolf :)

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    Thank you! (seriously thanks)
  6. Ya not necessarily interested in night sights. Maybe adjustable sights. I saw some from meprolight. Anyone know of the quality of these? Looking to spend 100 or less

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    Never heard of them...

    Glock has adjustable sights.


    I can order them for $21+shipping...
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    I would go with Some Dawson precision sights if night sights are not an issue. If the are then tru glo TFO sights. I have the Warren tactical rear and Dawson fiber optic front post in my competition glock and the TFO on my glock 23 and love them both but shoot better with the competition sights
  9. Birddog knows a lot about this ;)

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    Indeed he does!

    Fiber optics look like a good option as well, been thinking about getting TFOs on mine for awhile...
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    For a range/outdoor gun for day or night? What about a Viridian C5L?
    Green laser for day or night; 100 lumen light when needed. There is the TacLoc Laser-Ready Autolocking Holster that turns on your laser or light when you draw your handgun. I'm not sure if they have it for the G21.
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    As Blackwolf stated, the Glock rear adjustables are great. I have them on my G34 that I use for comp. you can get them for around $30.00. There are better ones out there, but these are good. Both Windage and elevation adjustments. Depends on how much you want to spend.
  13. Not a bad deal. How much to ship to 78596, Weslaco,Tx. How much are the night sights as well for my G19?

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    I don't want to jack the thread so I'll PM you Ruben!
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    As far a Meprolight sights go I just got some Tru dot night sights in and they glow like a dream and have a nice quick obtainable sight picture in day or night conditions. IMHO I feel the sight recticals are just a little bigger than others. But I also have a TAC light on it as well.