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    I Have a new Glock 19 Gen 4 and I am interested in purchasing the Crimson Tracer laser for it. I have seen a couple of videos on You Tube showing how to adjust windage and elevation. Since I am a newbie, I am not a very good shot with this pistol. I am still learning on how much finger pad to place on the trigger to shoot straight. I realize too little finger pad can sometimes cause the pistol to shoot to the left of center.

    Here is my question: how can I sight in this laser when I cannot consistently hit the target? It seems to me I would need to place the pistol in some type of holder similar to a vice like sighting in a rifle? I know this is not how you do it of course. Do I need to get someone who can shoot this pistol straight in a consist tight group? Thanks.
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    No, no, no...just install the laser, but make sure the gun is unloaded obviously. Hold the gun up pointing at a target at 21 feet away (typical distance for self defense). Sight down the barrel with the iron sights while depressing the laser switch, and notice where the laser is in relation to the front sight. Lower the gun and adjust elevation and windage as required to align the laser and the front sight...this will get you 95% there. It may take several attempts to get it right.

    Once they are aligned its time to shoot. Put a few rounds down range while sighting down the iron sights, and see how close the laser is to whee the bullets hit. Adjust accordingly at this point to fine tune.

    Good luck, and enjoy the practice.

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    ^^^^^ Exactly.
    Practice trigger control. Take up the slack till it firms up then squeeze straight back till it goes off. Let trigger back out till reset (click) and repeat.
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    I have three sets of CT's.They come set set for 50 feet.The last set was already dead on at that distance.A word of warning don't adjust them too much as they're really easy to strip out.An eighth of a turn is like five feet at 10 yards(or something like that).They're only gonna be dead on at a particular set distance anyway.It's not like a hole will appear where the dot was at any other distance.A laser is also a great training aid for trigger control.It lets you see just how much you're actually moving the gun while pulling the trigger.
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