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Sig-Sauer P229

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I may have the chance to buy a used Sig P229 .40 from someone. I have never owned or shot a Sig. I am going to try and shoot it first but does anyone have any experience with the 229?
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Just rented one today and I really didn't like it, the trigger was just all wrong for me. I have a buddy that has one though and loves it! I just really really don't like the trigger but maybe it's because I shot Glocks more than anything but the sig trigger break was to far back for my big hands
I've shot a P229 and own a P226. Both are amazing and a lot of fun to shoot. Even better if you buy one used - saves a few bucks, and the gun is already broken in for you ;)
I have a Sig P226 Navy and Sig Pro 2022 and love them both. Fantastic guns but I don't use them for EDC, a bit too bulky and heavy. Granted, not a 229 though the 2022 is about the same size and the trigger pull is similar if not the same.
Sigs are great guns and I love them, I've been eyeing one or an HK for years now, the only thing that's stopping me is the price. I just can't justify the price for one but would jump on one if the price is right. The 229's are great guns and you won't be disappointed in one.
I like the sig 229 it's a great weapon. Shoots accurate and reliably.

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I like the sig 229 it's a great weapon. Shoots accurate and reliably.

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Nice looking crew there Butcherboy! Great diversity!!
I have a P229 with both .40 & .357 barrels. I just took it to the range for the first time earlier this week. I only shot it in .357 Sig, but my friend shot it in .40 as that's what he's been looking at. He stepped over into my lane when I pulled my target back in and told me he's in love with the gun.

When I got it, I immediately did some upgrades; I put the short trigger, the short reset trigger kit and the E2 grips on it. As far as I'm concerned, it may well be the closest thing there is to perfection in a metal frame gun.
I own two 229s both with the 40 and 357SIG barrels. They are great pistols. Bill
The 229 is a great gun and is very reliable double strike capable I have one in 9mm got it last year during tax free weekend .... Secret service carry them to protect the presidents
Secret service carry them to protect the presidents
Interesting, did not know that. Unfortunately that fell through so I never got it but this is one that is on my list now after the comments here.
IMO, one of the most underrated guns is the Sig Pro 2022. I bought mine for $399 + tax at Academy. It is every bit as good as my Sig P226 Navy. Want an inexpensive Sig? Try it.

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It pains me to say this, but my 229 with laser grips is one of my most accurate pistols. I never carry it though, the grips are to fat for my little hands.
What is a p229 .40 equinox worth?
I have been given a price of $500
I think I might get it.
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