Sig Sauer 522 Tactical

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by CDR_Glock, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. CDR_Glock

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    Just received my Sig Sauer 522 tactical rifle from a friend. It has a training "suppressor", quad rails, folding stock, an Eotech 512 and Eotech 3x magnifier. I cannot wait to shoot it. The factory sights are rudimentary. They may have to come off.

    What's your experience with one? What ammo do you use?
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Awesome CDR !!

    Where's the pics man ?!

  3. CDR_Glock

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    I gave the iPhone to the wife. I'll have to find a way to upload pics, somehow. She also has the iPad 2 which has a camera. I only have an iPad 1.
  4. Ya I'd like to hear your feedback. I'm debating on getting the S&W or the Sig. I was leaning towards the Smith but still have not decided.
  5. CDR_Glock

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    I'll take it out tomorrow. I already have an AR-15 so I wanted something a little different. I do like how much heavier this is compared to the S&W. I also like the folding stock since my other rifle is retractable. Ergonomics look solid though the factory sights are total junk.

    I have an eotech 512 and 3x magnifier with a Grip PodBipod. It ought to be very fun to shoot. I read these feed anything. 22 can be very quirky.
  6. malladus

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    I have a 522, got it to pair up with my 556. So far it hasn't found an ammo type it doesn't like. I've got 5000+ or so rounds on it. Only issues I have ammo wise are related to the ammo itself and not the gun. I run it with a Trijicon reflex site and no irons in my clubs .22 carbine matches and it has held up pretty well. I like the bolt hold open on it, although it is not self engaging if the magazine is pulled or you are using a regular follower magazine. The mag it came with is a little tight as are a few of the Blackdog mags I picked up as well. ou can find instructions on the net on how to sand them down a little to make them drop free easier. I also picked up a CMMG mag which works, but is very loose and causes an occassional feed problem.

    Accuracy wise the rifle rocks. My father in Law has the Smith MP15-22 and it shoots nice, but not as nice. The controls do take some getting used on the SIG, as while they do follow the AR pattern they are spaced a little differient.

    Only thing I have reall issues with was that my rifle had the older recoil spring guide rod and retaining e-clip set. The e-clip will fail eventually and the spring can come off the guide rod and get bound up in the action and bent pretty bad. Usually it happens to folks when they take it down for cleaning, but my did it in a match, but the gun ran long enough to get me through the event. You can check the SIG customer service page for more info. Call them and give them your guns serial number and they will send you a parts kit if its one that is in the number range. There are two versions on the assembly before the current one and they will replace either one. No cost and it showed up in about a week.

  7. CDR_Glock

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    I fired about 300 rounds today. The trigger is smooth and the GI is accurate at 25 yards. They were grouped around 1.5" using a Bipod (I was wearing my Ballistic vest, which kind of gets in the way). There were a few times I had to push the bolt closed. I acquired this used and went ahead and shot it, despite being dirty and probably dry. I have the SWAT version, using an Eotech plus 3x magnifier. I know that's cheating but it was fun. The gun is actually a good weight and I feel I shot better free handed instead of a bipod, as I could hit a 4" plate at 25 yards better.

    It's a fun gun. I'll probably take this out more than my AR since the cost of ammo is dirt cheap, and I can shoot a heck of a lot more.