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    I have to say my favorite gun to shoot is my Sig p229 in .40 s&w now I am not a huge fan of the caliber I like 9mm and .45 acp more but damn this gun is accurate and a smooth shooter it's the reason I will never buy a Glock 23 not trying to knock it I know it's with out a doubt one Of the most popular model but anyway I just wanted to let y'all know if your thinking of getting one do it you will LOVE this fire arm it's amazing

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    I have a 229 with laser grips. It is an awesome pistol. I paid $1,200 for it NIB. I have put about 200 rounds through it, and around 50 rounds the finish on the barrel where it is exposed on the side started to wear off. I suspect it is because it seats very tight in the gun. Is this normal of Sig's?

  3. 45sAndHighFives

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    Not sure if it's normal for all sigs but mine is like that as well glad to see someone else has and loves this pistol
  4. Believe the barrel wear is normal for all Sigs. It is for my P226 Stainless Elite, anyway. At first it really made me upset to see the barrel wear marks, then I realized just how much I enjoy the way it shoots. Now I just look at it as character marks. My goal is to keep shooting until the black coating is completely gone, leaving me with a polished barrel :D

    Congrats on the P229 BTW I almost got that one instead of the 226. Both are amazing.
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    Wear on SIGs is normal as their barrel to slide lock up is very tight and that promotes the legendary accuracy. I love SIG pistols, have shot them extensively, carried them on duty, and currently own 13 of them. The coatings on SIG pistols have never been very durable and wear will show. A good gun grease applied to the rails and outside of barrel/lug will go a long way to reduce wear when shooting a SIG on the range. I use Weapon Shield Grease for the range and Weapon Shield CLP for carry and have found no product better for total gun care.

    I own two 229s and have both barrels in 40 and 357SIG. Both run flawless and shoot scary accurate. Bill
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    I had a P229 40/357 Sig and it was a great shooter. I just didn't like the first double action feel on the first shot. It was a nail driver but it was way to heavy for me to carry daily.
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    That barrel wear is the same as what's on my .357 & .40 barrels. I pulled out the dremel & flitz and just polished the top and right side of both barrels. Looks much better.
  8. Nice! I don't have a 229, I've got a 226 and 2022, love my Sigs.
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    I have a full size P250. .45ACP, shoots great