Shtf/wrol natural disaster/man made

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    Do u prep or not? If so, share the importance of preparing as well as possible consequences for those that do not.

    If u do not prep, share your reasons why as & your views on preparing for natural and or man made disasters.

    Please, a clean debate without bashing anyone or their views & thoughts. Thanks in advance.
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    I live in a hurricane zone. I do some simple survival storage. I can't call it prepping because I am no where near what the TV shows illustrate. I have enough to last a few days to a week. Easily accessible items, evacuation routes, food, etc. It includes firearms for one simple reason...y'all remember New Orleans after Katrina? Guess where half of everyone MS!

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    Yeah.....and the other half came to GA. I was one of the volunteers, unloading them from the planes.

    Normally, tornados hit in areas all around here but, rarely right here in town. It's been alot different lately though. We've had more tornados in the past 8 months than we've had in the past 10 or so years. While none have hit in my imediate area, several have across town and done alot of damage.
    So yeah.................we've been doing prep work.
  4. I would like to get to the point where my family of 4.5 could stay put in the house for thirty days and I always want to be prepared for the defense of my family. I don't plan on spending significant $ really just keeping a pantry stocked well.

    It seems like the practice can become an OCD for some people and I would bet a few people become alienated because of their obsession. Of course if SHTF, the "crazy" OCD people are the ones best prepared for it! If I had reasonable prepper neighbor I would be supportive and would be interested in discussing his plans.