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  1. Ok, I have been getting Ink ever since I was in the Marines 20 years ago...I'm STILL getting ink now...anyone else addicted to Ink?
    Here's some of my latest work:

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  2. The Right side...showing my love of music, poker, and wicked sense of humor, lol

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  3. My chest and Indian theme still isn't to color in my Indian Chief, and flag...another 4-6 hours, I reckon...
  4. Motorcharge

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    Here's the most recent two:



    I've got 7 more but I can't think of where I'd have pictures of them offhand.
  5. Sweet tats...did the fingers hurt much?
  6. Wear my glocks with pride, got this after a OEF tour

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    Well done ink guys!
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    They were as bad as my elbow, maybe a little worse, but obviously didn't take long. They need to be touched up a bit, but they healed super quick. They didn't hurt to touch a few hours after I got them done and they were finished healing in 4 or 5 days.

    The top of the hand was definitely my worst as far as healing goes. It took like 2 weeks to totally heal and the muscles in my hand were sore for about a month.
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    Here's another one from my right arm:

  10. I'm due for something new

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    Sweat tat Bro!!!
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    Here's a few of mine



  13. Does Fox pay you to advertise for them?
  14. Join what?
  15. NICE!!! on the same theme as my don't tread on me, and Molon Labe Tats on each of my Calves!!!

  16. Join or Die was a political cartoon by Benjamin Franklin. In simple terms it was to unite the colonies against the Tyranny of the British is still resonant today to unite the people against tyranny.
  17. I'm thinking about a Back Tat next...have my eye on a pinup girl riding a Bomb like this (but only blonde, like my wife that was in the Airforce): [​IMG]
  18. yea, my Calves stung arm didn't hurt much at all...but damn if the tats on my chest were some PAINFUL muthas...and I still have the worst part to come...color on my Indian Chief Head...friggin HURTS!!!
  19. Keith I love that pinup...I dont have any tats yet, however I have 4 picked out already and the artist whos gonna do em.