Show Off Those RTF2s and Special Editions ONLY

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  1. Yes, Desert Tan

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  2. Yes, FDE

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  3. Yes, some other color in comments.

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  4. If you do, there will be a price placed on your head for heresy.

  1. I picked up this RTF2 G23 for my birthday recently. I originally planned on EDCing it, but am leaning more toward it being a dedicated course/competition gun. It will remain mostly stock, but has already had a stainless guide rod and spring, Trijicon night sights, extended slide stop, and extensive trigger work done by the previous owner. It is numbers matching, but I'm planning on using a threaded G19 barrel in it for practice, and the G23 barrel for competition, because 40 gets a benefit over 9 in scoring. lol. I wanted to get the Vickers 19 if I didn't get this one, because FDE. Would be be heresy to cerakote this one? It will be getting a special and expensive magazine release as well, which will allow me to manipulate all of the controls without breaking my firing grip. IMG_2060.jpg

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    Very nice looking gun! I will definitely be seeking a fish gill rtf2 Glock at some point in the near future.
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