Shout out to Glockworx and Ray Wong

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by waynesigmeister, Feb 14, 2012.

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    I went to Glockworx several weeks ago to have them build a Glock for USPSA Open class. They built me a gun on the G17L frame and slide. Glockworx installs their optics on the back of the slide (does not use a frame mount like Carver or SJC). Due to the design of the 17L slide, they could only put one screw to hold down the Leopold Delta Point optic.

    Ray Wong, manager of Flockworx took my gun out this Sunday and used it in a match to see how it would work. Yesterday, he told me that he was unhappy with the recoil spring in the gun, so he was going to change it. Today I went to pick up the gun and Ray said he was unhappy with the way the optic was mounted on the slide, so he said they were going to change the slide to their own Glock 34 slide design and change the KKM barrel with ports to fit their G34 slide at no cost to me. This represents customer service at its best. Once the gun has been corrected, I will take pictures and try to post them.
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    congrats, sounds like you'll be going home with a nice race gun

  3. That sounds like someone who takes pride in their work. Sounds like it will be a top notch pistol when you get it. Congrats!!