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    I'm looking for the best way to carry while on the bike. shoulder holster is the first thing that I think of, but I'm not sure. Any body ride with there glock?
    I carry the 19, need it secure even if I go down.
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    Don't know about a 19, but I carry a 26 in the inside vest pocket. I have also carried a 23 in a IWB at the 4:30 position. The one problem I have ran into is stopping to eat and not being able to take off my jacket if it is not concealed, so I don't carry in a shoulder for that reason.

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    I have a vest that has built in internal holsters, left & right side. The leather is thick enough not to print even with the 22, but I prefer my 27 while also is very secure in the holster.
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    Check this out:


    The harness is concealed under your shirt, not over it.

    I got a better price on it from Amazon than what Galco is selling it for directly.
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    I have never seen this before and Galco makes some great stuff, but I still just don't like shoulder holsters due to the cross draw and the position while trying to control a bike. Just my opinion
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    Yeah, those are all valid concerns. I should note that I've never used a traditional shoulder holster, so I can't really compare it to one.

    I like the X-Project rig. It's pretty comfortable, pretty secure. You can adjust it so it sits just about anywhere on your torso, from your waist up to your armpit. The horizontal chest and back straps allow you to position it from about 8 o'clock to 11 o'clock; it can sit under your pectoral muscle if you want it to, so it's not a reach like for most cross-draw carry. I've heard complaints that traditional rigs flop around a bit; this one stays put.

    It's got three cant positions, forward, neutral, and backward. (That's actually my biggest complaint - I'd absolutely love it if the cant adjustment allowed for horizontal carry)

    I'm not thrilled with the snap retention. It works fine - sweep the release with your middle finger as you draw. I'd prefer a Blackhawk Serpa style trigger-finger release. It does "click" into place, and the automatic retention is adjustable.

    Still, I prefer to carry OWB with a Serpa Sportster paddle holster. Not on a bike, just in general.
  7. rivalarrival

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  8. Shoulder Holster/Motorcycle

    I like to carry my Glock 38 in a Ritchie Bodyguard Rig... Conceals well with a vest or Flanel Shirt!
    Ritchie Shoulder Rig.jpg
  9. I don't ride a cycle but I do use the Galco Miami Vice holster for both my G-32 and my G-21 and I find them to be comfortable and secure.
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    Depending on the type of bike you are riding there are a lot of options. I built a holster to go in the hard saddle bag of a friends Ultra Classic, he just puts it in a IWB when he stops, another friend attached a Blackhawk Sepra to the inside of the faring on his sport bike, a little too open for me but he loves it. I had one mounted between the tach and spedo on the handlebars of an old bike before I sold it. An ankle rig might be a good option to a shoulder holster, it really depends on what you are going to carry and how you ride and dress.
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    great thanks for all the help, now I have to many options
    Thankful I signed up to this forum :D
  13. I ride too and have same problem,i carry my G23 which is same size as G19,right now i carry IWB and my leather vest hides it pretty well but think i need to get lil longer vest to keep it snaped shut and hide it better,i thought bout shoulder rig to cause they are more comfortable to me,been looking at the crossbreed IWB holsters too
  14. I am wearing my 23 in this picture but this is a cool weather ride and easier to conceal under hoody

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  15. I have tried an inexpensive shoulder rig in the past but it just gets on my nerves. I have never used it for more than a couple hours because it gets uncomfortable. A more expensive, higher quality and better fitting rig would almost certainly make a big difference but I still prefer to use an IWB holster. Even when I'm on my bike, I can access the gun in a IWB holster faster than any other carry device.
  16. How do you feel about the Crossbreed IWB holsters,they look very good since shirt tucks over it just not sure how comfortable it is,i use a leather arsenal IWB right now but it's not to comfy for me with my love handles.
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    Crossbreed and Galco

    My personal setup is a Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe and a Galco Miami Vice II shoulder rig. My EDC is a Glock 23. I'll cover both setups below.

    I find for everyday normal carry that the Crossbreed is top of the line. It's completely comfortable, well made and conceals extremely well. It secures my 23 with no problems. I've been extremely active while carrying with this rig (Standing, sitting, climbing, running, and even though it's not exactly advisable I've even "wrestled around" with friends and all with absolutely no problems. I've even gone as far as sleeping with it on due to circumstances.). I find that it conceals well under a variety of clothing. Typically I either wear just a loose t-shirt, though sometimes I pair that with a Dickie's button up. I will say that a good, heavy belt is also key. I personally wear the belt offered by Crossbreed.

    As for when I ride (2007 Harley Night Train), I prefer the Galco Miami Vice II shoulder rig. Very adjustable and comfortable. I don't like the way my shirt could blow up/print from my riding position with the IWB holster (rather be safe than sorry). I've never had a problem with it becoming annoying and I've worn it for everything from around town trips to a 2 day trip from Florida to Iowa. Clothing-wise, I typically just wear a Dickie's button up over it and it conceals very well. It allows me the weapon plus 2 additional mags. I've never gone down on the bike, so I can't guarantee that my weapon would remain secure, but I have to say that I am confident that if the unfortunate would happen that my weapon would stay secure. If you do get the Galco, I highly recommend using clear fingernail polish on all the tension screws as Galco recommends. I didn't initially and I lost one of the tension screws (my 23 still remained very secure). I called Galco up and they sent me replacement screws for free, so I'd say their Customer Service is top notch (this occurred about 6 months after I had purchased the holster and I even bought it through a 3rd Party seller).

    Hope this helps!
  18. Depends on which bike I'm riding and what I'm wearing but most of the time mine is in the tank bag while actually riding then either IWB or out once stopped again depending what i'm wearing unless i'm wearing the one piece then i just stick it in the suit once stopped........but if i'm wearing the one piece i'm not out riding to stop and hang out anywhere, i'm out ripping it up in the mountains.:D
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    Going to try a pocket holster for my G36. Right now, I carry a LCP in one vest pocket and two mags in the other pocket. BTW, my vest has inside pockets. When it gets chilly enough, my jacket also has a gun pocket. If it's really cold, I just leave my liner unzipped on the gun side.