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  1. I'm faced with a possible dilemma. A guy on a local forum - not this one - is looking for a G20. He has a 6" ( or 6.5"?) Taurus Raging Bull stainless .44 magnum. My motivation is #1 - don't see too many Raging Bull's and cannot afford to buy one anyway, and #2 - I qualify for the Glock Blue label program and plan to replace my Gen II G20 with a Gen III 20SF. I'll be set when that happens - in at least a year or so - as I have 9 G20 mags, Fobus holster and a Lone Wolf 10mm-40 conversion barrel. I'm only trading 2 of the mags and keeping the rest. To answer any possible questions - uses would be for range shooting and home defense - not much of each - for HD I have my trusty Rem. 870. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Hmmmm.... If you are replacing your Gen II G20 With a GenIII G20SF anyway then I say go through it. Other questions come to mind as will the lone wolf conversion work on the SF and depends on your money situation which is none of my business. I usually get gun money on Bday and Christmas as most of my other money is tied up in kids or house. I would do a trade in or something if you are strapped. Otherwise I would probably do it.
    Last question since we are in the Glock Forum.... Would you really be OK without a Glock?:D

    Good luck in what ever you choose.

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    there is taurus information at

    you can look things over as a guest on that forum. if you join that forum, access will be granted to an invisible board concerning taurus complaints. It is interesting.

    i am not trying to bash taurus, but i have seen failures and have seen the returns to shops with is true that all brands of weapons will occasionally put out a bad one that slips past QC, but i seem to actually see and certainly hear of more problems with the Taurus brand than any other.

    They strike me as hit or miss in quality. if you get a good one then you have a wonderful firearm that is well worth the value. If you get a bad one, then you have problems. The customer service is reported as not being the best, and rarely does one hear of them agreeing to pay for the shipping.
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    As you plan to replace it soon and want what he is offering, I'd vote to go for it. Seems like a pretty good deal and it would make you both happy. Win-win.
  5. I am a member of the Taurus forum and need to look more into the Raging Bull. I traded late last year a blue Taurus PT99 I had for a Glock 30. Alas on impulse, traded it with my brother for something I wanted more. In .45 acp, I'd want a 21SF these days anyway. In fact, we also traded shortly after my G27.Yes, the G20 is my last Glock and I'll need to build up my collection down the road. Not really fond of sub-compacts; prefer Glock full sized models. On the issue of CS, over the years, I've found Tsaurus no where near as good on CS as Glock. I think it is because the Taurus brand has changed hands so many times; no excuse for poor CS, but now they handle multiple makes and are stretched thin IMO. Certainly something to consider.
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