Should I go to Afghanistan?

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  1. An opportunity has arisen that would pay over 200k for a years work in Durka-durka-stan, writing software, 12 hours a day but sounds like easy money.

    Any war-profiteers out there who have experience contracting (non-security)?
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    I don't have experience, but my dad (a contractor) was really close to doing this. It depends on what you would be willing to go through. While it wouldn't be the most difficult job in the world, the reality is that in Afghanistan for a lot of people, you have a target on your back solely because you are an American. The reason they pay so much is because of the fact that not many people are willing to go to a country where a large portion of the population has a negative attitude towards them because of their nationality. Also with the recent Quran-burning incident, radicals are not the only people you have to deal with. Can you take weapons with you? lol

  3. My buddy is there as a civ and has a full auto bullpup style 5.56 rifle at his desk.
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    That would make me feel much better about going. I think for me, I'd have to consider my situation. I have a family and a wife-to-be. I would take that into consideration when making my decision. Do you have a wife? kids? Are you in dire need of the money? These are all things I would consider. $200,000 certainly would be a tempting option. I say sit down and write out the list of pros and cons; if the pros outweigh the cons, and it is in the best interest of your future then by all means go for it!
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    I myself was offered a similar job, but having a family, that just wasn't enough money to risk my life.
  6. While there does exist a risk, he's been over there a year and a half and hasn't seem any action and nobody from his firm has been injured or killed. He has an office job basically, and lives in an apartment.

    Do I need the money? No, but it would clear out a lot of student loan debt and allow my wife and I to fix up the house (foundation problems). If we wiped our debts she wouldn't have to work when I got back (1 year obligation).

    I've served and deployed a few times in the Navy, so the time away won't be as difficult as it would for a civilian : been there, done that.

    I dont intend to be rude, but I need experienced advice not opinions... Anybody out there actually take a job?
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    I would do it if I could qualify for a job out there. My buddy took I think two "tours" out there as a civ contractor. He's getting ready to go back for a third run. I think the hardest part was just being away from all his friends for the time. Other than that he seems to enjoy it.
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    How did he get the job? I am actually interested in doing it myself.
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    Not sure exactly. He's been doing stuff for the DoD for years that he can't exactly tells us about lol.
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    It's a tough choice that is up to you man. It might be good money, but you're purposely putting yourself in harm's way. I wish you the best on whatever you choose. If you do go, be careful, check your six and make it back home safe. Best of luck.
  11. I've been trying to go as a contract firefighter for a while now but don't have sufficient experience.

    For me its an easy choice though because I am single with no kids.

    Good luck!