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Shotgun sights for HD

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I have a mossberg 500 on the way and it has the standard beed sight on it and I want something more. I'm looking at the ghost ring combat sights or an optic. What do you guys recommend
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I'm not an expert on shotguns but I have ghost ring sights on both 18.5 in. barrel tac guns I use for 3-gun matches. Your post title says HD, and I assume you mean home defense. At that kind of range, ghost rings seem like a perfectly good choice. HD is pretty much a point and shoot thing anyway.
I would go with ghost rings for sure, I am looking at getting a set of XS ghost rings for my 870.
Another vote for ghost ring sights.
Any brand recommendation? I have found a couple but they seem over priced.
I have Wilson Combat Ghost Rings on my 18" tactical Remington 870. If your shotgun is going to be for HD only, I would say try this out:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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