Shot Several Times By Police And Did NOT Go Down!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by DevilDawg235, May 28, 2012.

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  2. Wow, hallow points didn't work in this scenario it looks like. Assuming that is what those cops were carrying.

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    Yeah terrible placement or he was on meth or something crazy. I've been told by officers swat and state police that it takes a lot more than one would think to stop people cracked out on meth. That's a crazy video though
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    Sounds like they need 7.62 rifles or 12ga slugs...
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    Wow! Thats insane! I'm surprise a person can fight like that on those drugs.
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    I'm sure that's what most depts use.
  9. PCP or any other number of drugs. It is not at all uncommon for a suspect to take multiple rounds, including shotgun, and keep coming. That is why carrying a gun simply is not enough, because even if all 15 rounds hit him it may not matter and training for headshots is bad practice.

    I once saw a guy on PCP take 37 HITS and keep fighting.
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    Ahhhh I miss Philly lol...They were point blank shots as well... Those drugs are crazy !!
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    Did I miss it somewhere? Did the guy survive?
  12. When I think PA I think Strawberry Mansion.....oh the time spent in crack dens lol.

  13. :eek::eek::eek: multiple SHOTGUN rounds and didn't stop? I'm just in shock, wow. With 00 or 000 buck or even slug there should be nothing left of your insides. Plus if you take 37 hallow points to you, with the expansion of the bullet you would think there would be nothing left of the insides all so.

    Just wow, those are some truly wicked drugs if they keep you a live like that.

    So since you said practicing for head shot is bad practice (i'm thinking because it is a smaller area to hit so the chances of hitting an innocent person is grater) what is the best way to handle them if you are so ever unfortunate to run into some one like this?
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    Decapitate,your only chance!!
  15. in the case of the shut gun he took one to the gut and did not even seem to notice. Second one ti the side, same thing. Number three in the chest was all she wrote.

    Also remember not all police use hollow points. In fact i would wager that statistics would show most still use ball.

    Of all the ways i have been trained i like this approach best:

    Two shots to the chest, pull the gun back. If they keep coming the third shot goes to the head.

    With practice this can prove very effective. Generally speaking headshots are a bold gamble because not only is it a small target, but people dont hold still to be shot.
  16. Agree, head shots are a huge liability in a populated area due to miss factor. In city setting, be damn careful and always remember rule four "be sure of your target AND WHAT IS BEHIND IT".
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    A number of drugs would keep you going cocaine, crack and meth would be the most common adrenaline inducing body numbing substance
  18. Those 3 rarely have this type of effect but meth could possibly do it
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    I was trained this way when I went to the academy. Then after going to tac school, we switched... 3-5 rounds before going to the ready. I was taught to never fire the same amount of rounds due to the situation listed in the post. Not everyone goes down after 1, 2, 3, 4, or 10 rounds. SHOOT TO STOP THE THREAT...