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    I recently posted a request for any info on 1911's wherein which I mentioned that I had pretty much decided on a Mossberg 500 0r 590A1 as a home defense weapon. Well, since then, I stumbled upon the world of "Class 3". I live in Florida, so owning a machine gun, supressor, or AOW and the like only requires a couple hundred bucks and involves some flaming hoops. I was hoping to get some input from some more experienced gun owners on the pros and, more importantly, the cons of choosing a short barrel (14 inches) over what seems to be the more common choice for home defense( 18-20 inches) Any opinions would be appreciated. Of course, first hand experience would be awesome. Thank you in advance. Stay safe and don't forget to duck.

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  2. Can that be converted over to pistol grip? I want one.

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    It sure can. I imagine it would be a handful.:eek: You can find Mossberg's Short Barrel Shotguns on their web site. But you have to enter the "manufacture number" in the keyword box at the top of the page. The pistol grip is 51683. I would show the link and all that, but I'm just not that geeky.:rolleyes: By the way, I happened upon the SBS on Impacts Guns. I have been obsessed ever since.

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    Well, you hit most of the cons on the head - flaming hoops, couple hundred bucks, etc. The other one that comes to mind is magazine capacity. I just bought a +2 extension for my 870 that requires an 18"+ barrel; a +3 extension requires a 20" barrel. With a 14" barrel, I don't think any extension would be possible; you're stuck with 5+1.

    As for pros, being able to freely swing the gun around inside a hallway would be nice. But, you can get a shorter stock, folding and/or collapsible stock, or even a pistol grip and keep it as a shotgun instead of AOW.
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    Another flaming hoop, is inviting the ATF into your life. Forever.
  6. yeah... giggity!!!
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    It's only big brother. They have our best interest in mind right?

    You never know, say that you are a Zeta and you can get free class 3 weapons!!!
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    I wonder how many red flags, flashing lights, bells, whistles and buzzers we're setting off!? (Big Brother, Zeta and Class 3 - All in one sentence.) Seriously, I'm a decent, upstanding, law abiding, tax paying, contributing member of society; why would... strike that... It is the gubment. Maybe I'll just whittle a slingshot.:confused: Really though, thanks for the input.
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    Zeta? Am I missing something here? My girlfriend is in the Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity, and is a Zeta. I'm assuming that's not what we're talking about here. Someone fill me in.
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    Yea...Mossberg makes some nice shotguns...this one is my Cruiser Model

    with a 20" barrel and mag that holds 8+1...


    I don't see a need for a shorter barrel unless you are getting in and out of patrol vehicles or weilding the gun in CQB.

    I would rather have more rounds than less barrel...
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    My home defense baby doll. A Mossberg 590 Marinecoat. Loaded w/7 rds of #6 birdshot. At in-home ranges, #6 shot will leave an incredible wound, without too much over penetration of interior walls. As far as a pistol grip? I prefer the full stock pistol grip for control. As far as swinging that bad girl around? In your own house, you're not going to be doing a whole lot of swinging. What? From the far side of your bed to the doorway? Or the bedroom door down the hallway. That swinging stuff is for the SWAT/mil guys who are clearing buildings.
    Why Mossberg? I prefer the placement of the safety on a Mossie. Never felt easy with the trigger guard safeties on our department guns. I also prefer the full length pistol grip stock because I prefer to "armpit" the stock for control.
    This is my gun before I changed out the stock.

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  13. Bear one thing in mind, on a Mossy or Ithaca, that have the tang safety, with a pistol grip stock you have to change shooting grip to work the safety.
  14. +2 right there lol