Shooting Ranges near Cranberry Twp PA

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by GEN4G19, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Anyone know of any good shooting ranges just north of Pittsburgh PA? I'm working in Cranberry Twp over the summer which is like 20 min north and was just curious if anyone had any recommendations. Thanks!
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    As you probably can tell, there's not much in Cranberry,

    Butler City Hunting and Fishing Club
    P.O. Box 105
    Butler, Pa. 16003
    Outdoor- Pistol, rifle, archery, trap
    Private CLub

    Give them a shout. Since you're only here for the summer, they may let you do a limited membership.

    Check out the PA State Game land:
    Allegheny SGL #203 Access RT 228

    Anthony Arms has an indoor range:
    It's about an hour away from Cranberry Township

    It's a start. As you can see, there really is not much up there.

    If you haven't been to give them a shout, as well. It's the Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association forum and someone from your area may have a membership to a local club that could help you with some range time.


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    One more:
    By BIL said give the folks at GUn World in Harrisville, PA (50 minutes north of Cranberry) a shout. See if they know of anywhere for you to shoot:

    Personally, I think your best bet is to shoot at the state game land range. The Permit is cheap and it looks like there are a lot of lanes.