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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Dmercado1115, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Dmercado1115

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    Hey guys just went to the shooting range today and out of 17 rds shot like 10 or more would eject towards my face or my head . I am new to this any suggestion on why this happens?...
  2. Tape

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    what were you shooting

  3. GunnerGSP

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    Which Glock model and generation do you have?

    Some might suggest your grip be adjusted. While others will point to a possible need to swap out your ejector, depending on what you have in your gun.

    I had this issue with my Glock 23 at first, but it seemed to subside after putting more rounds through it. I haven't noticed an issue in quite a while now.
  4. Two-Guns

    Two-Guns New Member

    Is it a Gen 4 ?
  5. Dmercado1115

    Dmercado1115 New Member

    Yes its a gen 4 g17!
  6. GunnerGSP

    GunnerGSP Active Member

    No worries. Brass to the face and/or head, while undesirable, is not unheard of and should be fixable.

    How long have you had your Glock and how many round do you have through it? Does it happen with different types of ammo?

    If you just got it, you may want to put a few more rounds through it and see if it gets better. Otherwise, make sure you maintain a firm grip on the gun (no limpwristing) and that you're not twisting or torquing your wrist in anticipation of the recoil.

    If it persists, you may want to call Glock. They should provide you with some options.

    ROYALE-W-CHEESE New Member

    Same thing happened with my G21sf initially. After a few hundred rounds, it either worked itself out (in) and/or I stopped noticing. It's all sort of normal unless it goes straight back into your face repeatedly -- even then I'd suggest re-evaluating after a couple hundred rounds.
  8. The more I read about brass to the face the more I wonder: If glock test fires the firearm before it leave the factory, why would Glock let these firearms leave the factory with ejecting issues?

    I solved my brass to the face with my 21 just by stop limp wirsting it. Others have replace their ejector to stop the problem.
  9. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem with my G23 and G21 Gen 4's. I just kept shooting them and 4 or 5 hundred rounds into it they really settled down and started throwing them more to the right. I think it is just a Glock thing for new Gen 4's. No problem when they get broke in a bit.
  10. darthraven0

    darthraven0 New Member

    They only test fire one round I thought. Or is that all they put in the box?
  11. I got two CCI casings with my Gen. 3 21.
  12. darthraven0

    darthraven0 New Member

    Hmm that's cool. How many do they test fire then. I always thought it was just one round.
  13. teksid

    teksid Well-Known Member

    I've only ever gotten one with a new Glock.I got a CCI casing with the last one.

    Edit:Actually the last two came with two casings each, I just never opened the packet to see them.
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  14. Do a search here or at and see some of the solutions with this issue. I agree with many of the above, shoot a lot of rounds and see if it settles out. I fired around 500-600 rounds through my Gen 3 G19 before I took action to fix the brass in the face issue I had. It wasn't too bad, usually 2 per magazine but enough to say enough. I put an LWD extractor in and it fixed the brass to the face issue. I occasionally get brass to the face but it's more like 1 every couple hundred rounds. It still has some weak ejection but otherwise good enough. My Gen 3 G17 does not shoot brass to the face but has some weak ejection and it was made/test fired the same month as my Gen 3 G19. Now my Gen 4 G19 is a different beast, no weak ejections and 1 piece of brass to the face in 350 rounds.
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  15. Dmercado1115

    Dmercado1115 New Member

    Well i have put around 800 rounds.. this saturday i put about 250.
  16. justin2011p

    justin2011p New Member

    I was actually at the range with bbriles and some lady just bought a new g17 and was shooting it right out of the box and was having the same problem. He took it apart and cleaned the oil off of the extractor and a couple other internals and it fired great after that. Maybe just a little excess oil in there
  17. My G21 gen 4 had the same issue. Problem was part ammo (PMC bulk) and part recoil spring. Left the bun on the safe with slide locked back for a week and it shoots some better. Shoots fine with Federal Premium HST rounds.
  18. Dmercado1115

    Dmercado1115 New Member

    Thank you guys i will definetively try the cleaning the oil becuase i think it might have to much..
  19. CDR_Glock

    CDR_Glock Well-Known Member

    Out of the box, they have the grease that is supposed top recent corrosion.

    I clean that stuff off and oil the necessary parts. Have fun shooting. I know I do.
  20. unit44justin

    unit44justin New Member

    Where a hat and you wont notice it. I didn't replace my ejector until I started experiencing stove pipes, it could have been the ammo as well. After I replaced the ejector I ran 100 rounds of federal and it ran flawless. I am going to pick up a box of WWB and see if it still stove pipes since that is the ammo I was using when it happened. I probably wont use WWB anymore since it is now more expensive in my area than getting a better brand of ammo like federal. Midway USA has the new ejectors, the picture may show the old ejector but I just picked up 2 for my G22 and G23 and they came with the new updated ejector.
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