Shooting Pet Peeves?

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  1. Just want to hear some of your pet peevs when dealing with guns/ shooting/ gunsmithing, etc.

    My biggest one is people calling magazines clips..... Mags and clips are different, here is a video explaining the difference

  2. Grabber GT

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    My pet peeve is negativity. There are too many things in this world that are fun to do to get so caught up on being negative. If its not fun, I'm not doing it! Quote me if you want! ;-)

  3. Lol thats a good one too
  4. Happysniper1

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    When someone calls a magazine a "clip", I tell them the gun won't work with a "clip" in it, that's what girls put in their hair :D

    My biggest pet peeve is the 1911 fan club.

    Second biggest pet peeve is the .45ACP fan club.

    Third biggest pet peeve is racist bigots with guns who think they are all that.

    Fourth biggest pet peeve are people who refuse to remove their support hand index finger from the front of the trigger guard.

    ...OK, I better stop now...:D
  5. brutusvk

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    My biggest pet peeve is the folks that believe whatever they carry is the only decent caliber. Or believe that a pistol stops bad guys like you see in the movies.

    Oh and the AR vs AK debate. To me that is apple and oranges. Besides I like them both.

    As for the "clip" vs magazine.... If we refered to a mag as a "clip" in my firearms class, we had to bring in donuts the next day for everyone.
  6. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    Any guy who calls a magazine a "clip" should be made to wear a dozen hair clips for a week, then star in Impractical Jokers. :)
  7. Ive had people say to me recently oh you have a Glock 40.
    Now while I do understand what they are saying for some reason it erk's me. I just say yes I have a 40 caliber Glock.
  8. Ogre

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    Getting lazed. :)
  9. Bing Bing Bing Bing

    There are alot of people from different back grounds now that are starting to get into fire arms. The way some shops treat people is awful.
  10. Oddball Gunner

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    1. Any shooter that can't separate, distinguish, acknowledge or willing to accept that sight/range/competition shooting is different from combat shooting;

    2. Closed mindedness to other shooting techniques, grips, styles, stances etc.;

    3. Magazine vs clip and bullet vs round faux pas;

    4. "One shot stop", stopping power, knock down power myth perpetrators;

    5. "Stand off-ish / aloof / holier-than-thou / stuck up" gun counter sales people. Not sure what to call it, some shops or stores I go into I just get this kind of attitude that I have a hard time pin pointing.

    ... and I'll stop for now.
  11. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    Not to mention the way other shooters treat them. I know.

    +1 on that. I had that problem once at a local branch of a large chain of outfitters. Sent a letter to the regional manager, using my "office" letterhead, and got a nice letter of apology. The idiot no longer works there. Works with large chains, probably won't work with mom-and-pop setups.

    Another pet peeve is those people (admit it everybody, you've probably met one or two of them already, and if not, Heaven forbid that it may be you they are talking about! :D) that throw their military service in your face, and yet display awful marksmanship skills, and refuse all of your advice on shooting techniques, sticking to their obviously ineffective methods. As a FA Instructor, I see one or two of these guys a month, and while I thank them for their service to our Country, I have been forced on more than one occasion to fail them in the training course because they failed to meet the marksmanship qualifications. Sadly.
  12. Oddball Gunner

    Oddball Gunner New Member

    That's not a peeve for me.. it down right pisses me off.

    I've been lazed (and have lazed) too many times off the range in less than friendly situations. I don't even let my kids point one of those keychain or pet lasers at me. Anytime a laser comes in my direction, my heart rate goes up, my muscles tense, and I'm getting into "Go" mode.
  13. Webphisher

    Webphisher Duct Tape, Alabama Chrome

    I'll be honest I've watched too much tv, and I use clip instead of mag sometimes without thinking, and yes I know the difference :p. Its just to ingrained from too much damn tv.

    That aside my biggest one is people not sweeping up the brass when they are done. I usually spend a few minutes on the start and end of my range time cleaning up after myself, and usually the guy next to me because they never clean either. Its just nice to have a clean stall and not have other peoples trash! Maybe I take more pride in it because I'm a member at my range, but people just firing off rounds and then leaving piss me off.

    That and people that think they know more about guns then everyone else and then try to play it off when called out. I kid you not, a dude at Bass Pro straight up told a customer that, "Gustav in all his marketing genius called the G17 that because it holds 17 rounds."

    A vein popped in my forehead, Webroach was with me and he and the girlfriend took off after I started into the sales guy. This idiot is selling people tools that could KILL if used wrong, and he is just making **** up as he goes....
  14. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    OK, folks, now is the time to mail boxes and boxes of hair clips, preferrably the bright pink plastic kind with Hello Kitty or Sanrio or Pokemon on them, to Webphiser's house! <evil grin>

    At the public range over here, the policy is if it's on the ground, it belongs to the County (referring to spent brass). When we use the segregated pistol bays for our FA training classes, me and a couple of the RSOs stay to police the range while the students return to class for the legal training part, and I don't mind taking someone else's spent brass ;)
  15. GAgal

    GAgal Well-Known Member

    As a woman, going into a gun store and being ignored. Thank goodness I don't have that problem at our LGS but hate going to places where I'm not a "regular" when our LGS is out of something I need. I've found the big chain sporting goods stores to be particularly bad.
  16. SamEngel1984

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    One of my biggest pet peeves was when I was first looking to buy my Desert Eagle. Every time I went to a shop and asked about it all I heard was how terrible it was and how I "don't want that". Then after I got it and started using it as a carry piece I always heard how "stupid" that is. If I can carry it comfortably and handle it without a problem how is that anybody else's business ? Why do they care ? If I wasn't comfortable with it or knew how to control it I wouldn't carry it.
  17. brutusvk

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    Geez, you bought one of those? j/k

    I get that everytime I ask about oddball calibers. I feel your pain!
  18. bhale187

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    One shot stopping, knockdown power is a fact, and no one can tell me (or these guys) any different
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  19. That is why I love the little ma an pa shop I buy my guns from cause my first gun (still have it my pride an joy) was a desert eagle .50 ae and I was expecting the guy to try to talk me out of it but he just simply said "its not going to be cheap at all''. He called his dealer to see how much. I think I took him by surprised when I told him I will take it with out hesitation.

    This is an older guy remind you. I say in his 50s and he was just as exited as I was to see it. So that is why so far I have bought all my firearms threw them. From my experience with a desert eagle .50ae, the only people that think they are garbage guns are people that 1.) are going off of hear say, 2.) owned one but didn't know how to shoot it cause it is not as forgiving as other guns. It will jam if your grip isn't right, or 3.) mad cause they will never own one. :D

    At 50 yards with iron sights, the .50ae is a deadly accurate round out of the 6 inch barrel. The only thing that is a negative IMO is the over penetration on soft targets. It may not be the most tactical pistol out there, but it will hold it own. I'll shut up now before I meet (or all ready have meet) someone's pet peeve of desert eagle talk lol. :D
  20. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    Mosin, FTW:

    I think those are my top 3 as well.

    A clip is something that holds cartridges/rounds/shells for loading into a magazine, whether fixed, or detachable: