Shooting on a Budget

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by SIR, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. SIR

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    What'd you do to help budget your gun addiction?

    1. Making your own targets, printing 'em off the internet.

    2. Public shooting range

    3. Reload your own ammo
  2. SIR

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    Summer is almost here.

  3. mauro3005

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    I make my own targets. Sometimes print paper ones. I try to go to my friends land most of the time. But the range is like $5 for 30 min. But I feel rushed at the range so prefer not to go there. I feel like I burn too much ammo and don't get quality practice. To me it's all about quality and getting in a good practice session. When I want to play ill shoot my 22 pistol or rifle. Reloading is good if you shoot a lot. In the future I'd like to reload once I'm more established.
  4. $5 for only 30 minutes? The local range where I live is only $30 for a whole year!!! And it's open every day all year long!
  5. mauro3005

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    Wow that's a sweet deal! I though I had it good. Lol. Then there's another one that charges 12 for the whole day. We have a couple free outdoor ranges but I haven't been yet.
  6. rickjames

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    $30 a year is a sweet deal. There's an outdoor range I have yet to visit that is $20 a year, it's about an hour away.
    $12 for an hour for the indoor, same distance.

    When I go to my friends property in the country, I make targets out of anything. Paint cans, milk jugs, stack up some logs....
  7. I ask walmart for their bigger boxes, then cut out the "Upper body" type targets. I then spray paint them all white, then hot glue (label in) free bbq sauce containers (little boxes) where the heart and brain are.
  8. Where you talking about indoor ranges for that price? The price I gave you was for the outdoor range. It's a 3 in 1 range. One for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. I live in a small town, so no indoor range, but there îs one 30 minutes away. Its actually a gun shop with an indoor range.l can shoot free all day, but I have to buy the ammo there! But, I can say they usually have good deals on bulk ammo. Especially in 9mm and .22lr.Around $30.00 for 1000 rounds of CCI .22lr. And I have seen 1000 rounds of Federal 9mm brass for $140.00! I should've bought a case, but it didn't fit the budget at the time! Lol!
  9. The indoor range we goto is $12 an hour plus a 45 minute drive!!!!!
  10. Ogre

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    My cheapness is thus: I go bay a 100 bag of barbecue skewers for 2 bucks, 10 sticks of hot glue gun sticks for 1 dollar and 100 colored paper plates for 2 dollars. So I have 100 small targets that I can set several into the outdoor ranges berm wherever I want.

    Also, I do stuff like this cause I get bored...

    I taped some targets on the boxes and used hot glue and bbq skewers to make stakes to slide em into the chopped up earth of the berm.

    And members at my local club can go pick up clay pidgeons from the skeet field when not in use.
  11. Happysniper1

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    I've been making my own ammo for years, and the equipment has more than paid for itself, so consummables:

    $30 or so for 1,000 primers, $20-35 for enough gunpowder for like 3,000 rounds, and (for 9mm at least) $40 for 500 bullets (115 gr RN-Plated). Brass I recycle, so add (I would imagine) like $10-20 in terms of electricity and water for case prep, per like 3,000 cases.

    For targets, it all depends on where you shoot. I shoot outdoors (the only indoor range here is a ripoff), and I use this heavy gauge target holder from Scheels (they don't seem to have it on their website) that cost $19.99 plus tax and when the paper/cardboard is shot up, I use cardboard cut from shipping boxes and trimmed to the shape or silhouette that I want. Cost: $0.00.

    Cheap paper targets can be had online in batches of 50 to 1,000, and gunshows are a good source, too. Personally, I think computer printer ink in made from unicorn tears and is very dear, so I hardly ever print at home, and printing them at work is theft of company supplies (at least, in bulk printing it is).

    The one single thing that I did that allowed me to shoot as much and as often as I want was to get into reloading, but this is NOT for everybody, and unlike a lotta guys, my reloading is a source of income for me.

    Hope that helps!

  12. I just raid the scrap metal bin at work. We go through a lot of high end hardened metals that are hard enough to handle rifles. Luckily many pieces are large enough for full upper body silhouettes. Not much longer and the our range will be complete and I won't have to raid the bin anymore because the targets will be around way longer than I will.
  13. wrpNYFL

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    This is a nice target to print and use...


    I think I found this on here, but I'm not sure. Don't want to take credit for someone else's post...
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  14. The usps boxes makes me sad. next time i'm short a few I will think of this LOL

    do you get any small pieces of hard metal? I need something around the size of a slide or smaller that is somewhat close to the hardness of one. New custom project in the mix, need practice scraps lol
  15. sgtcowboyusmc

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    Yeah Paper Plated with a simple black magic marker dot in the center and white paper behind it or cardboard from the local appliance store works for cheap targets! I have an open desert to shoot in and we made a range on it so it pretty much only costs ammo to shoot! 100 paper plates at the dollar store with free cardboard from the appliance store and go shooting:D Hate "Public" ranges!
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  17. rickjames

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    A buddy from work has some type of similar skin rash from it. I bought a kit when gander scammed me into it, havent ever used it. Never will
  18. Happysniper1

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    Been a Hoppe's #9 user for many years, no issues (other than myself and my clothes smelling like it, but it's not an unpleasant smell, really! i don't know what the wife and kids were complaining about ;)).

    Until I got into using ultrasonics, now I have no reason to use H9.