Shooting in Kalamazoo, Mi

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    This was a horrible situation that happened. It's a perfect example why we should all at least own a firearm, to protect the house. Even if we choose not to go through the proper channels to CCW. This was a random act as far as I know. I've personally been to this complex years ago. It's relatively quiet, unless it's gone down hill since I was there.

    KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Kalamazoo Police are still searching for two suspects who broke into an apartment complex and started shooting just before 4:00 p.m.

    Three people were shot at the Concord Place Apartments on Concord Place Drive in Kalamazoo.

    According to reports, the victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

    Police say one of the victims jumped out a window and ran to another location.
    No description of suspects has yet been released.

    We were able to speak to a Sophia Cargill, the girlfriend of one of the victims, Dris Nichols.

    A second man, as well as her uncle were also hit.

    Sophia told us that two men burst through the door, talking calmly at first, but then becoming more agitated, saying they wanted "the money" and then shooting.

    "They were only aiming for the boys and they already knew I was pregnant," Cargill said.

    Nichols was shot in the leg, and Cargill said her uncle is currently in the hospital and "doing fine."

    "They were all young men, no older than 19 and no younger than 16," Cargill said, noting that she was still unsure who the men were.

    As of around 8:00 p.m., no one was yet in custody for the shooting. Of course, we will update if that changes.

    Stay with Newschannel 3 as we follow the developing story.
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    Rampant Man, these Idiots are rampant sad to say. The news is full of incidents like this one and worse. It never ends.

  3. Im sorry, are we supposed to be surprised about a shooting in k-zoo?
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    Another shooting. Geez...what else is new?
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    Well, being in Kalamazoo often enough but working in Battle Creek, I can tell you for certain I would take my chances in kalamazoo over BC...
  6. I have been in more shootings in K-zoo and Albion combined than BC.

    Just sayin. Nothing in that area is really THAT bad, just not shocking
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    Nothing really shocks me anymore. The world is going to hell and a hand basket. Just makes glad to know I carry in all those areas now. When I head to Kalamazoo tonight, I intend to be proactive in being more alert. ;) Now it I can just get my wife to carry... :-/